“Void” Moon

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“Void” Moon

The Moon has dipped into a “Void” cycle, that started very early this morning. Since will be in this particular energy for the next 24 hours, let’s talk about what a “Void” Moon actually is and how it affects us!

“The Void-of-course period of the Moon is a period of time from the moment the Moon makes the last contact with any planet in the current Sign of the Zodiac, and until it enters the next sign.”
According to most Astrologers, most activities shouldn’t be started during a “Void” of course Moon cycle. New endeavors that get started at this time just don’t seem to pan out, or work out to our liking, or they need some serious adjustments later for them to meet any success. Therefore, if at all possible, we should hold off on going out for that job interview, or that first date, or starting that new business or project, and so forth, “because nothing will happen,” during a “Void” Moon cycle.
During a “Void” Moon you should not sign a contract, make plans, close a deal, or start a project. Basically, anything which you want to have a concrete real-world result should not be started, signed or sealed. If you do, these things will never get off the ground, never materialize, have to be re-done, or have so many problems and setbacks as to be useless anyhow.
In Horary Astrology, in which a person asks a question and then the Astrologer draws a chart of that moment in order to find an answer, if the Moon is “Void” of Course, we generally consider that “nothing will come of the matter”.
“So it looks like the “Void” of course periods were given to us as a time for those little stories which we don’t want to be written into the books of our lives. They are a little bit like little stickers with a few words which you can stick somewhere in a book – they are there, and not there at the same time.”
Tips: If you want to share some kind of news that is shocking in any way or drop a bombshell, and yet have fewer repercussions, in the long run, do it during the “Void” of Course Moon. Or if there is something that needs to be done or said and you just want fewer consequences around your actions, it’s believed to do it under a “Void” of Course Moon.
What is a Void Moon Good for?
– Finishing up projects that have already begun before the Void, of course, Moon.
– Taking inventory, making to-do lists, and finding lost objects.
– Editing, refining, and reviewing.
– Social events with established friends and family.
– Rest and sleep will be more peaceful during the “Void” of course, Moon.
– Getting rid of excess.
What activities should be avoided during the Void Moon?
– Meeting new people or with those, you might want a long-term relationship with.
– Job interviews, presentations of new ideas
– Making important, large purchases (items bought now may not be used, might not turn out as expected, etc.)
– Beginning new projects, launching a new business or starting a new job.

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