“Mercury in Pisces”


“Mercury in Pisces”

Mercury the planet that rules over communicating and how we express our thoughts, and process information is changing signs, as it does every 3 weeks or so, into more compassionate, in highly independent Pisces until March 13th.
So our way of thinking is more visual, intuitive, and imaginative. We are especially tuned into the world of emotions, and to our spirits. This colors both our ideas and how we communicate. Our decisions are made intuitively, and our hunches are usually right on under this influence. We express ourselves vividly and with strong imagination! We are naturally more drawn to information that raises our awareness and our subconscious mind during this time.

This is the best energy to practice any spiritual practices, such as Mediation, writing in a Journal, Astral Travel, Guided Visualization, or Yoga, and music can be extremely healing under this energy, so anything really that helps you connect to your spirit!

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Because Mercury is all about communication, and Pisces is all about how you feel it, check out Ruby’s handy update!


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