Feeling Good Yet?

Astro Readings
“Weekend Update”
Feb 11 & 12


Good morning, are you feeling good yet? A Full Moon “Lunar Eclipse” in Leo just occured last night. But the Moon has just shifted into the sign of more detailed Virgo. So technically the Moon is pretty much full for the weekend, so even though the cosmos is providing a huge dose of optimism now some of you may still feel a little off and just might display lunatic-like behavior. We are at a huge turning point in our lives now, so you can make some big changes and feel supercharged about it when you do. It’s not a time to sit still, it’s time make things happen, so what are you waiting on!

Are you feeling good now?
We are due for a little luck now, finally huh!!

With the Moon in more reserved Virgo we feel the need to get organized and detailed. This energy is all about helping others no matter your Sun Sign. You might be feeling like making new plans and goals, because you now will get behind them fully. You also may be feeling pretty confident and as if you can “take on the world” today, well that is due to the Sun and mighty Jupiter making a sweet connection in the cosmos, this is some of the good stuff folks!

The Sun is going to help all of us shine today, so expect a whole bunch of Ah-Ha moments to occur. Some folks might feel so good that they will be just feeling “lucky to be alive today!” This energy encourages us to expand your knowledge and power, we are more ready to grow and impress. This energy can affect any area of your life really, so it might be a business deal or around a friendship or even a love relationship. It doesn’t matter what part of your life it does affect really, it will be a welcome change forsure. Even if this energy just gives you a better attitude in some way, take advantage of it!

You might definitely be more than ready to step it up a notch now and move things to the next level, so go for it. Now please do remember not everything in life will be perfect, but many of you will feel happier than you have in quite awhile. This energy produces confidence and optimism and therefore our enthusiasm runs very high throughout the weekend, as cooperation is in the air today!

Have a great weekend.

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