A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is coming!

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by Ruby

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is coming!


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is almost here folks! This connection is already growing and those who are sensitive, empathic, or psychic are probably feeling it!

There’s lots of good luck coming in around this week’s Eclipse in Leo. The Sun in Aquarius makes a fortunate trine to Jupiter in Libra. This energy creates good luck, financial opportunities, and growth on both personal and professional levels. This lucky energy starts to peak around Friday the 11th but the best days are actually Feb. 9th and Feb. 10th the actual day of the Eclipse. If you follow my blogs you will see that Friday’s Eclipse is in Leo, which is a good day for gambling, business dealings, and shopping. So jot that day down on your calendar and make sure and set a reminder with it, so that you don’t forget to do something that involves drawing in good luck. In fact, the next two Eclipses are both considered to be highly lucky for all kinds of reasons, and the next Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26th, and it packs a very emotionally powerful punch.

This week’s powerful Eclipse is at 22 degrees Leo, this influence can create exciting events, unexpected opportunities, and breakthroughs, as some folks will experience some kind of random out of the blue event that can be life changing!

It’s nice to be able to write about the good aspects and share happy news for once. Yes, there are some more challenging energies also coming in around us at this time, but I feel the more fortunate cosmic lineup will outweigh all the more challenging stressful energy to the most part. But life is not perfect, unfortunately so some of you will have challenges during this lucky period. But we must enjoy the good things in life.

Celebrations are on the horizon and some of you will have something big happen over the next few weeks. The rest of you will be able to at the very least enjoy a nice weekend filled with fun events, with the playful Leo Moon running the show, it’s all about having fun. The Eclipse energy actually can continue for the next 3 months from the day it comes together, and sometimes we get a little sneak peak a few days prior to the Eclipse. So you might get lucky later on, or already have.

“If there is any kind of meeting, business, perhaps a medical event, or just anything important to you, try to schedule it for the 9th or the 10th of February.”

The February Eclipses are some of the luckiest connections we have seen in a long time. So wherever they fall in your own personal “Astrology Birth Chart”, is where you will see opportunity, happiness, and growth, and this energy can last even longer than just this month, it can actually last for the next 3 months for some of you. Once Mars hits the Eclipse points this summer, it also can come back up again.

As they say, knowledge is power, so if know exactly what part of your life this Eclipse energy will be affecting, it could provide that LUCKY BREAK. So purchase a paid “One Question Reading” from me, and I will do the research with your personal Astrology Chart to help you know just what area of your life you should be focusing on to the get the most out of it. If you choose to work with these energies and put yourself in a position of receiving, you can benefit more than others from this lucky lineup!

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(this is only for a “One Question Reading” about the Lunar Eclipse. If you have other questions about a different Reading please email or message me first before making a payment at healingruby@yahoo.com)
Lots of luck to all of you. 😉


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