“Love On Fire”

Feb 2017
“Love On Fire”
by Ruby


For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac:

Feb 2017 “Love On Fire” by Ruby For all the Sun Signs in the Zodiac: Venus the planet that rules over our love life and often our finances has shifted into fiery Aries for now. Venus and Mars were both in Pisces for quite awhile and in love, we were more dramatic and compassionate, but for now with loving Venus in Aries and Mars our relationships are going to be heated up and fast and furious. Venus is in Aries until April 2nd, when Venus Retrogrades and re-enters Pisces until April 28th (so will be a little more kind and compassionate again), and then goes back into Aries once again through June 6th (and we go back to being more aggressive and direct).

For all the signs of the Zodiac Venus in Aries energy brings love on quickly. In relationships new and old this energy is direct and spontaneous. People want to chase and hunt each other under this very exciting fiery influence. When it comes to matters of the heart we are more bold, courageous, aggressive, and a little more impatient.

Even though we feel like being more direct than usual in our relationships, there are those folks who let’s just say will be more reserved, and actually held back because they’re not too sure if the other person shares the same feelings. So love becomes a challenge and if your confidence is low you might become more strategic, stealth, or sneaky in love, which can become very unhealthy. So express yourself somehow, even if that means just writing a letter, email, or message.

Normally under this Aries energy, we don’t look back! Each day is new and full of opportunities, and each moment matters. We’re not interested so much in apologies or dwelling on the past. We enjoy the chase and the conquest of it all! Under the Venus in Aries influence relationships can be long-term, but only if they stay exciting and fresh to some degree. For all you single folks there’s going to be lots of you hooking up so fast that once this cycle is done that might break apart just as fast. Make sure and keep the ball rolling if you’re already in a committed relationship now as our passions are lit up!

With Venus in Aries energy, we say how we feel out loud and don’t bother sugar coating it. “Saying it like it is” is more important at this time. We aren’t always mean necessarily in this energy but we speak our minds and for some that can be difficult to listen too. Our desires are strongly expressed and are more spontaneous, direct, and enthusiastic. And we prefer to seduce rather than be seduced, to chase than to be chased or hunted. We are in charge and in control, so we say what goes in our relationships now so we can be a bit overbearing if not careful, and ruin certain relationships if we don’t allow the other person to have some say so! Allow yourself to be forceful if need be but know when to back off, and let the other person take some control as well and all will be well.


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