Rubys Weekly Update 

“The Week Ahead”

The week ahead starts off with expressive Mercury switching signs, moving into the sign of Aquarius on Feb. 7th. Mercury rules over how we think, process, and express our thoughts. This brings out unique concepts and inspired thinking, and certainly new insights around how we think. Our minds become highly stimulated, so folks can get nosey and curious. Social media will be hopping this week and so will dating sites. Make sure and be careful about what you post online this week because there are more eyes than usual paying attention, so you don’t want someone checking out your Facebook page and seeing things that are private (maybe go over your privacy settings) like a new boss, new lover, or your mother.

The “Big Astrological” event is on February 10th when the Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse lights up the sky and our lives. This energy can create luck and blessings for all of us. Messages concerning your personal soul path or journey are coming soon, and there will be major turning points. It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings, and all that you hear, see, and feel. You might be able to understand better to the messages the Universe is trying to convey to you. 


This Saturday lucky Jupiter is making a trine to the powerful Sun, this is a great favorable energy that should provide a beautiful weekend for many of you! This will be some of the best energy we get to experience for the rest of February, (as the end of the month is going to be quite challenging for many of you) so please do something, anything that’s proactive to bring this luck to you! 

Valentine’s Day

So let’s talk about the upcoming holiday. On Valentine’s Day the Moon will be in more social yet relaxed Libra, which rules over our love life and partnerships anyway, and this is helpful since our focus will be in the right place. But warlike Mars will also be influential that day, which may cause tension for some of you. So don’t allow little things to throw you off, for example if your significant other buys you the wrong gift or takes you out to a different restaurant than your favorite. Allow this day to unfold naturally and let it just be what it is supposed to be, not the preconceived notion you have of what it should be. Be grateful that someone lives you enough to try. Don’t allow high expectations to ruin your good time. If you try to control the situation you can end up ruining all the fun and end up feeling let. down. Not exactly the ideal way to spend celebrating the day of love. Often just being together and enjoying the simple things in life is really all we need. 



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