Mars in Aries

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Mars in Aries



Mars the planet that rules over our action, assertive drive, ambition, passion, and war, already shifted into go get ’em fiery Aries on Jan. 28th and will run through March 9th. And the energy is strong out there folks! So pay attention and breathe often if need be, we can get through this together.

Wrote the following on Jan. 28th: “But judging by what I have been seeing today, I feel it’s a good time to prepare everyone and educate them on what all the aggression and frustration going around is about”

But this is the planet of War folks in its own sign of Aries the Warrior, which gives it some serious kick! This is very raw energy. It causes tension and high anxiety! This can be very positive and give us lots of energy. But we must be careful. In fact, it is so strong that I am writing this now, to get the word out to help explain what the heck is going on out there. This has just begun so remember this isn’t all bad or negative at all, but it does have issues and if you are more naturally a lover and more peaceful by nature, this might be a challenging time for you.

“During the weeks Mars is in Aries you’ll notice a definite surge in energy, motivation, and initiative. You don’t need anyone else to light that fire under you to get you going when Mars is touring Aries. Talk about the ultimate self-starter. With this competitive, entrepreneurial energy in the sky, you will definitely want to begin a vital personal project. In addition to the remarkable energizer battery quality of Mars in Aries, you will also notice plenty of courage and fighting spirit. You will not back down from anything or anyone! Just remember, neither will others so expect a fight if there’s a situation you and someone else may butt heads over. At least it will be an honest battle, though — Mars in Aries is not the type to hide anything … especially his agenda”

Mars in Aries gives us a war-like attitude in that it’s influence has folks ready to debate and discuss their opinions and defend what they feel is right! Social Media has been exploding with frustration and arguments. I was born with my Natal Mars in Aries, so I can’t help but notice this energy is everywhere right now. I feel it because it is part of who I am at my core, I know my aggressive side, I was born with it, so trust me when I say this is going to kick up and get people heated up, but perhaps this is what we all need right now, a good kick in the ass! To help motivate us away from some pretty challenging energy over this last month, and to get things moving again, how many of you have felt stuck over the end or all of 2016? Not anymore with Mars in Aries, things are now moving along once again.

“When it comes to your sex life, expect a boost in libido. Mars in Aries wants immediate gratification and will do whatever it takes to get his needs met. There’s so much dynamic energy around this placement that you may wonder if there’s anything to worry about. Well, as with any planetary alignment, there’s a positive expression and a not so positive one. When Mars in Aries is shining his light he is the fearless firefighter or innovative pioneer. When he’s operating in the shadow, however, he can be rash, impatient and selfish.”

This energy also causes impulsive actions and accidents due to folks moving too fast! So pay attention now and choose your battles wisely! It may take a few days for folks to get used to this energy, clearly. So take extra precautions to stay safe and remember people are heated up and more aggressive, this does last through March 9th! So it’s going to be a ride!


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Ruby, do you want to edit & focus more on the upcoming Eclipse rather than last week’s NM?


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ASTROWEATHER ALERT: MARS IN ARIES!! Wondering what the hell is going on? Ruby is here to tell you!!


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