New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius
“Wishes and Resolutions”

Jupiter in Leo

The New Moon occurs this month on Friday, Jan. 27th in Aquarius. It’s time to get ready for the New Moon because it can help you manifest your dreams for the New Year, it’s also a good time to make your New Year’s Resolutions permanent. With this New Moon being in the sign of Aquarius, you have an opportunity to manifest something amazing! No matter your Sun Sign, Aquarius energy is about focusing on future endeavors and healing the injustices of the world. It’s perfect energy for a New Moon.

The current energies can be challenging over this next week when Venus gets into a tense square with Saturn. This energy highlights your love life and financial situations. Some of you have already been dealing with this energy and it has posed certain challenges. This influence makes folks feel irritable, as the cosmos sort of puts us in the corner so you will take the initiative to fix whatever isn’t working either in your love life or financially. It challenges you to deal with any problems you might be having in these areas of your life. If you have been choosing to not deal with these issues, they can really become a problem this week and can be even more difficult to deal with. So remember these irritations are meant to motivate you because if you feel that much pressure you will certainly make some changes.

For example, if you are upset about your current financial situation, those feelings may push you to look for a better paying job or to sell a house that is a money pit and move to a place that is better suited for you and more affordable.

“The main purpose of the Venus/Saturn Square is to make you feel uncomfortable and push you out of you comfort zone, so you will make some kind of changes for the better in your life.”

Making decisions and even plans to make changes is the best course of action to help relieve the pressure this influence is putting on you, but you’ll have to be especially patient until the Full Moon Eclipse on February 10th, which can make you feel stuck. The energies are just moving at a snail’s pace until then, but you will get moving soon. Be patient, it’s worth the wait to manifest something better.

The “Venus Square Saturn” influence creates stress in our relationships, so if you are already having troubles and holding on to resentments, this energy can make things even more difficult. This influence can and will stress out both intimate couples and business partners, and even family relationships and close friends. If you are involved in a long distance relationship this aspect can really be difficult. This influence can make you feel lonely, so even if you don’t feel like it or understand why you should keep pushing yourself ahead.

This is certainly not a time to ignore your responsibilities or commitments. You might feel blocked from being loved or feeling love. Remember these feelings will pass, in the meanwhile do something about it, it’s better than just feeling sorry for yourself.

The New Moon is trying to reveal something to you. Its message is that your frustrations have grown to the point where you must take action and do something about it. These problems have been building up for a while now, and so if you don’t deal with them soon then this influence can cause problems like breakups or a serious financial crisis, and of course continued stress. The whole point of this energy is to build up stress that won’t go away until you take action. Once you do take action, Lucky Jupiter will begin working with Karmic Saturn and turn things around in your favor. And hopefully bring a better future in love and money for you as well.

New Moon Almost Here

Don’t forget to make out those Wish Lists and to Set Intentions. The New Moon is when an old cycle comes to an end and a new one begins that lasts for 28 days. This is the best time to start something new and to make out your wish lists. Your wishes and goals can take up to 4 weeks to manifest, until the next New Moon. Sometimes these wishes come in by the next Full Moon which will be on January 27th.

Wishes can materialize on or around February 10th or February 26th, during the New Moon and Full Moon. There will be powerful Eclipses on those days so our manifesting powers can be very strong and potent. So learn how to Set Intentions, check out my blog,
Setting Intentions with the New Moon

This will be the last New Moon of 2017 where you can also make New Year’s Resolutions! On New Year’s day, we were beneath Mercury in Retrograde’s dark cloud, which didn’t make the right vibe or energy to be setting intentions or manifesting anything new in.

But since New Moon’s are made for manifesting new energy and January 27th is the First New Moon of the year, it’s the best time to set intentions. If you have already broken the resolutions you made, then this New Moon is sort of a do-over and gives you the chance to make ones that will work.

Your personal Astrology Birth Chart shows what resolutions you should be focused on this year. In other words, what planets will be supporting specific goals? It’s best to know what kind of intentions you should be focusing on and what you are more likely to manifest, and what part of your life will be the luckiest.

If you want to know about the “Resolutions” you should be making this year, you can Purchase an “ONE QUESTION READING” from me, just message or email me and ask me, “What should my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 be?”

It’s important to focus on the New Moon coming on January 27th, as it can reveal what part of your life will be more challenging, and what specific wishes you should be making that line up with the current cosmic energies, so the Universe is working with you and you’re not hitting a brick wall focusing on something you just aren’t meant to have yet, remember it’s always about the “timing.”

Each month as the New Moon comes together the Universe is open and is ready to give you what you want, but you have to ask for it! Even though you will be making out New Year’s Resolutions lists, you should also be focusing on making New Moon wishes as well. Why not try both?

Order an ONE QUESTION READING with me and ask me, “What are my best New Year’s Resolutions for 2017” And if you have more than one question you can also purchase a TWO QUESTION Reading. (These are by email only and must be very specific questions.) I will do the research for you and give you the information you need to manifest your desires. Just message me here on Facebook or email me at

Happy New Moon Blessings


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