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Weekly Update
Jan. 18th – Jan. 22nd


I’ve already mentioned some of the Astrological energies coming in my daily blogs today, but I thought I would give you a run down of the rest of the week, so you can plan accordingly!

In Astrology, Squares are a challenging energy for each of every one of us. And over these next two weeks, we have to deal with some pretty intense squares involving somber, cold Saturn. This influence may bring about some challenges. Saturn just is difficult to handle sometimes, especially when it’s in a challenging position like it is now. But Saturn also rewards us for a job well done, so take care of business for now.

Also this week aggressive Mars the Planet of War is thrown into some tense squares, (if you haven’t already noticed.) This doesn’t mean everyone is going to experience some sort of violence, but there is a strong influence of anger, aggression, violence, and rage running amuck, and some folks might be feeling powerless which in turn brings out these stronger more nasty emotions.

In particular, women are feeling the tension now but the men are about to get their own dose soon. But everyone may experience this energy! This can be a challenging week for a woman and therefore you might notice the woman, in particular, making things more difficult, as they are feeling the tension more strongly. It’s best to remain calm and supportive around any females authority figures for now. Be nice! And make no commitments or promises right now. Remember there’s not much we can do to control lies being told right now.

Then on Thursday aggressive Mars gets into a tense square with hard-nosed Saturn. It is going to be very difficult to come to an agreement with anyone on Thursday, simply because of this influence! Everyone seems to want to their own way and this blocks us from making certain breakthroughs.

Friday looks to be a little better when loving Venus and psychological Pluto make a nice connection. It’s a good day to go after what you want and to take risks around reaching a goal or when finalizing a plan. Whatever you do don’t be shy, going out of your comfort zone can help things along.

Getting your way might go really well on both Friday and Saturday this week, so if you need something from someone, get too sweet talking their ears off. Try it and see what happens! This energy help folks want to say yes to your requests and it’s a totally different vibe from Thursday.

Also on Thursday, the Sun moves into Aquarius, and we begin a celebration of friendships and soul tribes for a whole month. If you’d like to order a Phone Reading I have some time available this week and next. And if you only need a “One Question” Reading please order one here, as these are done by email only. (this is a paid service)
Either way just email or pm on Facebook
Have a great week.


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