Mercury Comes Out of Retrograde! 

Mercury comes out of Retrograde! 

Mercury, is the planet that rules over our way of thinking and how we express ourselves… 

retreats from grounded Capricorn back into overly optimistic Sagittarius today, where it stays for just a short time – through January 12th. And this energy is already quite strong! 
We’ve already been starting to deal first hand with misunderstandings and circumstances that seem beyond our control, and we might be feeling somewhat blocked from performing certain tasks, (for example the app I use to write these blogs suddenly crashed without any backup last night, while I was editing this blog, and I lost everything I had written for two days.) So this can be an extremely frustrating and difficult time for some folks, who like myself have a personal “Astrology Chart” full of Mercury ruled planets! But for others this cycle is just simply annoying when plans get rearranged, either way I’m sure the majority of you have experienced a electronic sandy over the last three weeks of some kind or an old flame crossed your path, or there was a moment where you became extremely confused about something. I hope your experience wasn’t as harsh as mine always seems to be with this particular cycle. 
Mercury will remain in its Retrograde cycle through Jan 8th, so its almost done, because many folks are just simply exhausted at the point and need a reprieve of some kind. Mercury will once again go back into more focused, no-nonsense Capricorn on the 12th, and our thinking will slow way back down.”
The good news is with Mercury in Sagittarius our way of thinking becomes much more optimistic and hopeful. We’re more concerned with the truth, justice, and fairness. But we do find being precise or exact about things is more of a struggle. Your thoughts might be more so on your beliefs, opinions, and whatever you might be studying or learning, and on your travel plans. Anything that is published and legal documents may also come up now. So legalities can show up now. 
Technically, we only have to deal with this energy for five more days or so, but then it does take a few weeks for Mercury to get back to its normal pace after it’s Retrograde cycle, this is called the “Shadow Phase“. So certain situations can really be confusing over this next week, but then things will slowly start to make sense in the coming weeks ahead. With so many planets in Pisces during this phase, we could end up feeling quite lost, so problems may not be solved for right now. Be patient for answers, it might take awhile. However, we are turning a corner now! 



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What a way to start the year; thank the heavens it’s almost over! It will be nice to have my thoughts in order again!


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