A New Path 

​       December/ New Year

“A New Path”

By Ruby 

The cosmos brings many changes through December’s Astrology. Full of turning points and major shifts in energy, there’s a lot to be revealed now that we are closing out 2016, the year of “Retrograde” planets. Basically, we have been internally processing all kinds of deep emotions all year long and that’s all now changing. So the energy of December is about closure and endings. 

In Numerology we look for what is called the Universal Number, and the year 2016 is the number 9! The number nine is about Karma and endings, and as this year draws to a close there will be a whole lot of situations and chapters coming to a close in one way or another. What ever is supposed to end now probably will do so in December. 

The Universe is pushing things rather quickly to move us forward, and this can make you feel anxious. It’s time to complete something. As a result, you might have some pretty deep feelings washing over you to change something in your life, mainly because you don’t want to repeat the past. 

The energy of December is a prelude to what’s coming in 2017. The Universe is pushing you into new and possibly even uncharted territory, which can lead to taking some kind of actions that bring about change. Here’s a few examples of how this energy could be playing out in your life;

1) You start thinking about getting a completely new job that is very different than what you’ve been doing. 

2) Suddenly growing tired of a relationship that isn’t moving forward

3) Thoughts around moving to different places than where you are now. 

4) Feeling like you may want to sell your home just for a change. 

The Numerology of 2017

Universal numbers are adding each number of the year together, so that would be 2+0+1+7 = 10, and then it is reduced down to a single digit so 10 is 1+0 = 1. 

Which means 2017 is a 1 in numerology and is all about New Beginnings. We all need some sort of change now and 2017 is a time of opportunity to make those small and big changes. 

A Number One Year is great for new beginnings and fresh starts of all kinds. But you will also experience a “Personal” Numerology cycle of your very own, one that’s just personal to each of everyone of you. This is based on your date of birth. This is the perfect time to find out what your personal numbers are for 2017, this will tell you the theme of the New Year. There are 9 different areas you may fall under in 2017, this number can give you insight into what part of your life you should be focused on into the New Year. This helps you dedicate your time and energy to something that will pay off, because whatever area of your life your “Personal Number” falls under will be the strongest energy for you! Again it just depends on what area of your life this energy falls under, it could be around your career, love life, or your children. 2017 for some of you will be the best year to meet an ideal soul-mate, as this is going to be a year of relationships and record number weddings. Love is in the air! 

*All of us will be influenced by the number 1 Universal Number for 2017, but what about your “Personal Year” Number? You can purchase a “One Question” Reading right here and ask me, “What’s my Personal Year Number for 2017” along with your “One Question” and I will do the research for you and send you an email message full of fun information for the New Year that is just for you!* 

(One Question Readings are by email only, the Question must be around one topic only plz.)

This information helps you get ahead of the game and make plans for the coming year, so that you can make the best changes in 2017. Hopefully this will help to bring you some good luck! Why waste your time and energy on a part of your life that isn’t lined up energetically with the cosmos, and probably won’t produce results, when you can work with the Universe and utilize this energy to bring in amazing things. So take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to work with the energies the Universe. Unlock the secrets through Numerology. 

*Also remember I have digital Gift Certificates to give out, so if you are interested in giving an inexpensive gift or great Stocking Stuffer, my “One Question” Readings are perfect for the Holidays!*

The first week of December can be a very lucky period for many of you, this only happens once a year, when Mars and Jupiter make a beautiful connection this weekend actually, but even though these good feeling vibes will be around throughout some of next week, which is into December 10th, the actions that you take this week can last for many years to come! There’s a strong sense of excitement and optimism in the air, so tap into that energy and try to get out and do something special this weekend, and have fun!

Time for Healing!

If you’ve have been dealing with disappointments or heartbreak lately, Chiron “The Wounded Healer” is coming out of Retrograde this week, and it will help you remove old emotional blocks, and heal up those emotional wounds that have been causing many of you emotional and physical pain. Some folks will have sort of a meltdown over the next few days even, this is an emotional release that needs to happen. It is OKAY, this is HEALING, let the tears flow and that energy pour out of you, it is a good thing!

Stay Calm!

It is important to remember despite the good feeling energies coming in, we are going to need to be especially patient Sunday through next week, as there is also disruptive energy coming in that can cause delays and challenges. For some of you this energy will create some pretty high anxiety! Also, next Friday is going to be especially bothersome and nerves will be rattled, so write down this date to remind yourself to stay calm, because a lot of the energy in December of 16 is really good!

The cosmos is bringing a lot of new energy right now and some of it might make you feel like you are receiving an early Christmas gift! Enjoy! 



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