Growing Pains 

Ruby Astro Readings
Mon. Nov. 7th
“Growing Pains”

There’s some very powerful energy coming together today, as the Sun makes yet another strong connection to powerful Pluto in a long-term aspect. Pluto teaches us lessons around how to own our personal power. If you are put in any position of power, how do you use it? Do you help yourself and others? Or do you abuse it and manipulate to get what you want? And this aspect comes together right on the eve of the US elections, that isn’t just a coincidence, no way because the one way you can own your power is to get out and Vote!

The Sun and Pluto connection started back in January of this year, so maybe think back to what issues started back then to know how far you’ve come. The connection being made today is the last hurdle sort of speak under this very powerful influence, we are at the finish line, finally! Especially since this aspect was felt for part of that time while Pluto was in Retrograde, that was really hard for so many folks.

2016 has been a rough year indeed, but even though it’s been difficult for so many of you, just remember we have been going through some some serious growing pains this year, and we’ve been experiencing evolution. But ya know what? That’s what it takes to grow and evolve, a little bit of pain is just part of the process. Everyone has experienced this energy in some way this year, be it a little or a lot of pain. There is an opportunity now to rebuild and redo projects and to work on something and change it. So if you want to start a new job, ask someone to marry you, start a new diet or quit smoking, this is a great time to begin.

This powerful influence can help us to be very resourceful, we can feel very strong and confident about getting through obstacles and taking on challenges, and really this might be felt throughout the rest of the year. We are seeing it everywhere, in so many things globally, the world is being restructured now, we just have to make sure it’s for what’s in the highest good for all of us, that’s no easy task! But people are speaking up and telling their truth now, more so than we have ever seen. They are taking back their power!

We should look forward to 2017 with a new fresh perspective, and remember sometimes we have to be reminded just how incredibly powerful we are, and how the Sun-Pluto connection came along to remind us of just that. Have you learned in 2016 just how powerful you are?

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