Nov 16 – Astro Update

November of 16 – Astrological Update

by Ruby


 During the month of November, we get a chance to transform something and this can help us make a stronger than usual connection to our higher self or spiritual self. For the next three weeks, the Sun in Scorpio will influence us strongly. This gives us a chance to continue breaking down whatever isn’t working in our lives, so that we may rebuild it later and hopefully make something better and solid for the future. We just might even get a second chance at something, a do-over if you will. So don’t miss out on this opportunity!

It’s a great time to try some daily affirmations around what you are trying to let go of or what isn’t working  for you anymore. Take some time to ask the Universe to help you release the old and let some better energy in to take its place. So create this space for something or someone better to come along!
There are some strong, potent and intense cosmic influences coming together this month that we should pay extra attention too. Here’s a rundown for now, and I will have more details as we get closer to each influence. Scorpio energy is at its strongest during November, (for all of the signs of the zodiac) and it will be intense at times as our intuition can be very strong.

Mars moves into Aquarius
Taurus “SUPER” Full Moon rare event
Neptune Goes Direct From Retrograde
Jupiter squares Pluto
Sagittarius “New” Moon

This Weekend Nov. 4th – 6th, is when lovely Venus makes a connection to stimulating Uranus. It’s just a rule of thumb to “expect the unexpected” when the planet Uranus is involved. This connection brings in love and money in a more positive often surprising way. Some of you could end up getting quite lucky around either one, this energy makes this weekend rather exciting and fun! Committed lovers could come together strong this weekend, and all you single folks could potentially meet a new romance very randomly, sort of out of the blue.
Once every couple of years an exciting connection occurs when fiery, action-packed Mars shifts into the sign of Aquarius! This energy will come together November 8th. Even though this can put us at a crossroads, it also can be an exhilarating and exciting time! Over the next 6 weeks, one area of your life will be lit up by Mars and will become very active. There can be a situation where you will have to make an important decision, as this energy starts to manifest very quickly, so let this play itself out and hang on for the ride!
If we pay attention to where Aquarius falls in our own personal “Astrology Birth Charts”, we can know exactly what area of our lives this influence will affect, therefore this helps us know what areas of our lives to focus on and accomplish what we can. This energy starts Nov. 8th and runs through mid-December. For example, if this aspect falls in the area of your career then you need to focus on making changes and start updating your resume during this time. The shift will be felt by all of us, and you will get a chance to get on a new path if you choose over the next six weeks, depending on what part of your life this energy is affecting.
Every couple of years no matter what your zodiac sign happens to be, you’ll get a chance to follow a new path, and maybe make a wish come true. All of your hard work can finally pay off in one specific area of your life. The part of your personal “Astrology Birth Charts” that is ruled by Aquarius is where you’ll be most affected, so this is going to be different for everyone. This can create new job opportunities for some, and others might meet someone special and start a new romantic relationship, and for some, this is the perfect time to lose weight and to work on getting healthier. Stay focused and don’t scatter your energy all over the place this month. Take one thing or issue on at a time and you’ll get rewarded by the Universe for all your efforts over this next six weeks!
If you aren’t too sure where your focus should be this month, you can purchase a “One Question” Reading and just ask me “Where’s my focus supposed to be during Mars in Aquarius?” I will do the research for you, with your personal “Astrology Chart” and get back to you via email. And if you read this you can ask ONE “Second Question” for 1/2 off, only if you purchase them together. (One Question Readings can only be about ONE specific topic.)
Also, Venus the planet of love will be shifting into earthy, self-sufficient Capricorn for about 3 weeks on the 11th. This can bring good relationship Karma for all you Capricorn’s out there! So get out and mingle this month.
There are three main astrological influences coming into play this month that we should look at.
First off, on November 18th an important connection between spiritual Neptune and the South Node (our destiny) comes together. You might want to save this date on your calendar because this energy can affect us profoundly! This aspect can create great things in our lives or cause us some problems, depending on what you learn and do with the info you receive. Things will be very different as our perception is almost altered around this time. Something might happen that forces you to look at a person or situation in a whole new light, so your opinions may change as well.
As these planets get stimulated again, it’s a good time to think about changing direction in some area of your life. We’ve already been feeling this strong intense energy as Jupiter opposes Uranus, and makes a tense connection to Pluto creating a T-square! This is extremely tense energy, and many of us are being pushed by it all ready to change something in our lives and stand up for what we believe in! This is strong in the US now, and will continue to build and get stronger through next week, what an amazing, exciting time to be alive on this planet!
The strongest part of these energies coming together will be on Thanksgiving Day when powerful Pluto connects to larger than life Jupiter! This is a powerful connection and energy that is put forth. But it can show us what to expect for 2017. It’s time to let go of old ways of doing things and release old family patterns, and this can bring out some issues among family members on Turkey Day, so know what upsets you and triggers you and avoid those that can set you off!
The Universe’s message to us for November of 2016 is it is time for Transformation, it’s time to evolve and evolution isn’t easy, in fact, it is quite painful in my opinion, growing sometimes hurts and is full of lessons, so if you like it or not this is the path we have been set on now, this is our destiny! So get on board and create the changes you want to see happen on the planet, don’t sit this out and let things just happen to you, because that would imply you are a victim, and no one likes being a victim to anything.
I will continue to write and explain these cosmic influences in detail for you, breaking down one or more aspects at a time, so you can better understand what they mean and how they will be affecting you! But for now, this weekend can be exciting and fun, so enjoy it!

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