Powerful Messages 

​Rubys Astro Readings

Thurs. Nov.3rd

“Powerful Messages”
There’s some powerful words and thoughts going around today! I mentioned this influence briefly in yesterday’s blog, about how we are under a fairly harmonious, but powerful influence between Mercury/Pluto. This affects us mostly on a psychological level! Our conversations and way of thinking are deeper than usual, more meaningful, and investigative! This energy helps us to better understand something deeply in our lives, and has us searching like never before. We can certainly learn more and end up researching like mad to figure it all out, some of this might be important and some not so much…it really depends on what grabs your attention. You could be working in one moment and suddenly digging all over the internet about the latest health remedy for your sinuses, to only realize it’s been a few hours since you began your crazed search. So keep in mind it’s important not to get to obsessed in this energy, cuz it is very easy to do!  This energy also helps us to be stealth in how we learn and understand things, so we tend to be more quiet and strategic in all that we do today, especially when making important decisions.
This influence also affects our communication and we can have some profound conversations, because this is a great time to think way beyond what we normally do, especially with the Moon in Sagittarius, the sky’s the limit! With Mercury in Scorpio which translates to “deeper thinking”, the theme is going to be more Scorpio like in our attitude and in our perspective today, so we think more deeply like I said, but we are also more superstitious, mysterious, and obsessive.
This is also a time when “Big Time Secrets” can be leaked, (which we are seeing all over the place.) Pluto likes to help detoxify us and as it hooks up with Mercury the ultimate authority in communication, and Pluto is in Capricorn which is business of any kind, so we get lots of junk coming up and out! Again the elections are strongly being affected by this. This influence can bring out powerful messages, and understanding that some of the messages going around aren’t going to be what we want to hear is important now, because sometimes that is the most important stuff to know!



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