“Cazimi” New Moon

“Cazimi” New Moon
Oct 30th
“Feeling Lucky”




For all the Sun Signs of the Zodiac:
October’s New Moon is special and potent, and it comes together on the day before Halloween, Sunday, Oct. 30th, around Noon time. This is believed to be one of the strongest New Moon’s of the entire year to create and manifest your wishes and desires. New Moon’s are a time of “New Beginnings”, and a time to initiate something. “Setting Intentions” with this energy really can help put you on a path towards amazing things.

Cazimi is an Astrological term that is used to refer to planets that are so close to a conjunction with the Sun that they are “in the heart” of the Sun.” Very lucky indeed!

Sunday’s New Moon is being called the “Cazimi” New Moon, and it can be extremely revealing! But we must first “Set Intentions” around what we want to transform in our lives. This energy will be intense, strong, willful, and powerful since it is in the sign of Scorpio.

A “Cazimi” energy occurring right before a New Moon is considered astrologically to be very LUCKY! If you want something to truly succeed, you must take action under the energy of this New Moon!

*A “Cazimi” is occurring right now on Oct 27-28, before the New Moon, this is rare and is very lucky! Its energy will probably run through the time the New Moon actually occurs.*

This influence is lucky for all the signs of the Zodiac, even if you are not a Sun Sign Scorpio. This New Moon will affect all of us over the next 30 days. It can reveal to us exactly how Scorpio energy affects each and every one of us, and precisely what part of our lives and personality it resides over. So if we can learn more about this placement, then we know just what part of our lives we should be working on under this New Moon energy!

Therefore you might receive some kind of important or revealing news during this New Moon weekend and it probably is good news! Yay! This is going to be some seriously intuitive energy… on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We can be extremely Psychic and Empathic at this time, so pay attention and listen to your gut instincts and follow your inner-voice.

You may start to feel very strongly about whatever is beginning now in your life because it’s more than likely part of your destiny. For example, if you are applying for a new job and just know it feels right, or if you find yourself romantically attracted to someone new! You may feel these situations more strong than usual because they are fated. Certain situations just seem to happen under this New Moon, things can click and just work. It can be a Magical time!

If you are Psychic, Empathic, Sensitive, or a Healer, or anyone that is part of the metaphysical world, this New Moon energy is just perfect for you! The energy will be amazing and you will feel very connected to your higher-self and the Universe!

We are officially in what’s called “Scorpio Season”, and this energy runs through November 21st. This is when the veils between this world and the spirit world become very thin, and we can communicate better with those who have departed. Many of you will have some kind of paranormal experience this Halloween weekend, which may include dreams of loved ones that have deceased.

It is believed that a “Cazimi” aspect in Astrology is indeed a very lucky energy, so a “Cazimi” taking place right before a New Moon occurs is very special and powerful. This is an amazing time to practice most any kind of energy or spiritual work. SET INTENTIONS just by simply asking the Universe for what it is you want, but make sure you just don’t think it or write it down, but that you close your eyes and really feel your wishes and desires.

If we know what part of our own personal “Astrology Chart” this New Moon is landing in, we will understand better just what part of our life we should be paying attention to the most. This area of your life is where you can achieve your biggest wishes and dreams over the next 30 days.

So if you don’t know where this New Moon falls in your own personal “Astrology Chart”, you can purchase a “One Question Reading” from me by asking, “What Should I be manifesting during the Cazimi and New Moon?” I will do the research with your chart and email you all the information. Remember this is an extremely Lucky New Moon, so make the time to set your intentions. And if you don’t know or understand what “Setting Intentions” is, please head over to my webpage right here to learn more.   https://goo.gl/phKYBl


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