Mercury in Scorpio 

Rubys Astro Readings 

Monday, Oct 24th 

Deep Thoughts 

Mercury is the planet of communication and expression, the planet that governs over our thinking. Mercury has now shifted into mysterious, deep, psychological Scorpio through November 12th. While Mercury was in Libra over this last month it helped us find balance with others and find solutions that were fair. Mercury in Scorpio knows that life isn’t fair already, and seeks the truth in all that is hidden and undercover, the unseen is seen! We tend to dig deeper in this energy and with the Sun also being in Scorpio, our minds are going into a much more sort of dark exploration of the soul.

This should prove to be quite the spooky, sexy, and magical Halloween forsure. We do tend to observe more and our focus can be much better during this time. But we look for what makes others tick, their motives, and the stuff that’s buried way deep down… this is what satisfies our intellectual curiosity in this energy. Folks can get paranoid if they allow this energy to take ahold and obsess over what others might be doing. If something or someone is fake or false, we won’t have anything to do with it! And we’re not in the mood for small talk we want deep and meaningful conversations.

Scorpio energy is profound, very sharp, and analytical. We may become so focused in this energy that we get downright obsessive over whatever is happening. So take the time to step away from your thoughts if you notice this becoming an issue. The energies are certainly going to be intense through mid-November!



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