Scorpio Season 

Rubys Astro Readings

“Sun in Scorpio”

Oct 22nd, 2016

The Sun shifts into transformational, mysterious Scorpio tonight and “Scorpio Season” begins. This runs through November 21st. Saturday night the sign known for being the most dark, symbolically and otherwise, the most mysterious, the zodiac sign that explores the soul comes into the light of the Sun. 

Scorpio energy for each and every one of us is about depth, intimacy, and transformation. Anything fake or false will be shown for what it truly is now, so if something or someone is superficial it won’t work for us. We want the real deal! This is the detective of the Zodiac and we are more interested in getting to the bottom of something, we want to uncover what’s been hidden or suppressed, and finally we can see the unseen! We actually rather enjoy all that is odd, taboo, or different in this energy. Anything that’s just plain or average is boring.

During Libra season over this last month, we worked towards being fair and equal! In Scorpio energy, we accept the fact that life isn’t fair and understand that pain and suffering are actually part of the process of life, and that in order to truly evolve we must transform which means we must end something to begin anew. 

Scorpio energy is sexy, mysterious, and provocative, but usually it’s very quiet about how its influence makes us feel more passionate, strong-willed, and often intense! So this energy can be seriously transformational, and very healing. The more darker side or shadow to this Scorpio energy is we can become jealous, paranoid, obsessive, and manipulative. We can go over a issue or problem again and again, it’s like. hitting your head against a brick wall and getting nowhere. We simply can become obsessed over something and not know when to quit. 

Heads up for Oct 30th, my oh my the Sun (our self) will already be in Scorpio and by than so will Mercury (planet of communication) and than the Moon will also dip into the sign of the Phoenix, Scorpio! Which will be a New Moon, wow talk about rising up, resurrection! Among energy to call in real you want to finish and start. Have a great weekend. 



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