Weekly “Astro” Update – Mars/Pluto

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Weekly Astrology Update


There’s a lot of energy going on over this next month that could be beneficial if used wisely. It’s important to take actions that are more positive because the energies have been very unstable since last Sunday’s Full Moon. You may be feeling off balance, confused, and your visions may be cloudy. The energies have left many of you feeling uncertain of what you to do next and what paths to take. But it is very important to be patient and wait for the answers to come, it maybe sooner than later.

The strongest aspect of the week is the Mars/Pluto connection happening now, you probably have already been dealing with this energy. It’s been a powerhouse! Many of you have been quite stressed out, and some have lost their tempers already. This energy is peaking now, so if you find yourself in a power struggle here’s some info that can help you maybe handle it all.

Mars is the planet of aggression, passion, and war. While Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, and endings. When these two strong collide, they make some strong potent energy. If we utilize their more positive traits we can make big things happen. But this duo can also bring about major endings, and new beginnings usually do show up. This energy runs through November 8th.

Pluto’s energies often come into our lives to end something, so we are forced to tear something down that is outdated or that is no longer working for us. Then we are freed up to rebuild. Often Pluto has a hand when you’re about to make big changes somewhere in your life, and you may not even be aware of what they are. But Pluto likes to be early to big events. Mars gives Pluto that extra boost, power, and drive it needs to get in the game and guide us. We may not like it so much due to the fears and insecurities it brings up, but if we trust in the Universe and let go of we think things should be, we can end up exactly where we need to be and amazing things can happen. Usually once Pluto has done its job healing happens.

*If you are not too sure what lies ahead and what new beginnings you should be working on, then purchase a “One Question Reading” with me, just message or email me at healingruby@yahoo.com and I will be glad to help ya out. These Readings are by email only.*

On Thursday, there is going to be some disruption again, so expect some chaos and confusion. Mental Mercury is making a tense connection to shocking Uranus, and we can already feel this one coming in now, it sort of reminds me of Mercury when in it’s Retrograde. With annoying little glitches and odd misunderstandings going on. This energy creates a split between our logical mind and higher mind, simply Mercury versus Uranus. I have already been receiving lots of messages about people feeling overwhelmed, anxiety ridden, and just plain nervous. The best way to rid yourself of that nervous energy is to be open-minded to any new ideas that show up, they can bring hope and important insights that are considered to be Ah-Ha moments. If you should find yourself in some kind of disruptive situation during this time, try looking for new ways or solutions to fix them, doing something you have never done before might just really work out in your favor now.

This energy again will be with us all the way through November 8th, and some of it will carry on through Thanksgiving. You can feel anxious and irritated, but if you open your mind to trying something new and different, you can have real breakthroughs. This is great energy to do some kind of spiritual or energy work in, you can gain some very insightful information, so pay attention.

The best way to work with the Mars-Pluto influence is to blow off some steam and get physically active. So get moving through an exercise of some kind like yoga or just even taking a walk, and since this is Mars we are talking about doing some kickboxing it will make you feel great. And let us not forget SEX is actually ruled by Mars, and now with Venus in Sagittarius, we are already turned on anyways, so do what you must, it is exercise…just saying, but don’t get obsessive about it either. Mars and Pluto both can make us feel extremely obsessive. So getting physical no matter how you go about it can help regulate these energies and release all that extra Mars energy you are taking on. Also do something that helps you stay focused, like organize something and de-clutter the world around you. It’s very important to get lots of rest and relax during this time, don’t overbook your schedule and take on more than you can handle during this time. Lots of folks are already dealing with the Pluto effects that often include colds, flu’s and feeling just ran down, it’s a purging of sorts because our bodies are under a lot of stress during the Mars-Pluto connection. So you may need to release some toxins.

Venus has already entered into more fun, exciting and spiritual Sagittarius. That means we can enjoy our love life again and hopefully create some adventures. It’s a great time for travel as Sagittarius energy is enjoyable while with Venus.

Sun in Scorpio

This Sunday, the Sun shifts into more mysterious, soul-exploring Scorpio, this sign, and its energies are associated with endings and beginnings. As the veils slowly are thinning between this world and the other realms. The Sun in Scorpio energy does help support the Mars-Pluto connection as well, so I am sure more breakdowns will occur. But remember that is so you can re-build something that probably wasn’t working in the first place

The best way to handle these energies for the next month is to start learning just how we actually create our life, if you are conscious, awake, aware, whatever you would like to call it. Things good or bad don’t just happen to us by chance. We must understand that what we do and say creates our life, what we THINK brings energies to us, and more importantly what we FEEL and the ACTIONS we take are what create period. So THINK more positive thoughts now, and FEEL those emotions and what it is you truly desire, and create new beginnings in your life, ones that bring you balance.



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