Mars Conjunct Pluto – “Power Surge’

Mars Conjunct Pluto
“Power Surge”


Can you control your feelings of Power? Are you the kind of person who owns your own personal power and uses it in a fair and balanced way? Maybe instead you run from any power you happen to get out of fear that you will somehow mess things up? Or do you abuse Power (when you get it) and harm others that are in your way in one way or another?
Why do I ask? Well because we are right in the middle of a heavy hitting influence between temperamental Mars and powerful Pluto, that are both in the sign of Capricorn.
This powerful energy comes together approximately every two years! This gives us a very strong desire to take actions, but we can grow impatient and become very pushy and this can cause problems if we are not careful. If we choose to react to people and situations without much forethought than we can bring out deep resentments that have been buried away and anger can control our actions, while ignoring our own intuition. Listen to yourself in this energy and pay attention to that little voice you hear or feel, because it is right and it knows what to do!
Now if you can manage to get a grip on your temper and control yourself while under this influence, this energy can actually help you focus and maybe even be motivating. We can be courageous and will go after what we want and take very decisive action to get it. We won’t take “No” for an answer either.
This is a great time to rework, revise, or rebuild something new, or breakdown something to start it all over again. So if you’re determined to stop a bad situation and put it behind you, then you can move forward again! This can be where we break something down like a relationship or even something here in the physical plane in order to rebuild it.
The only problem is we can be way too forceful or willful, however, we must not go overboard and work too hard or get too upset, or we can tip the balance and hit a brick wall and then end up exhausted. Power struggles and arguments can suddenly break out, without much warning, as this is a compulsive time. We can become stressed out and tested to the max! If this should happen, simply walk away and breathe and give whatever you’re dealing with a few days. But on a more positive note, this can be a time where we feel useful and accomplished, this cycle can give us a sense of purpose, which is something we all need while we are here on the planet.

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