Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus is the planet that influences our relationships and often our financial well-being. Venus manifests all aspects of love, money, and worth in our lives. The planet of LOVE is now shifting from soul-searching Scorpio into more optimistic Sagittarius starting October 18th through November 11th. From my vantage point, there’s been a lot of couples breaking up lately because our relationships have been put under a giant magnifying glass while Venus was in Scorpio, over this last month. During that time were led to a strong desire to investigate our close intimate relationships, so we could better understand our partners, and probably have learned some interesting things, and for some folks that meant it was time to move on.

As loving Venus shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius, our romantic encounters shift as well, from being intense to more light-heartened. Venus in Sagittarius is also intense at times since it is a fire sign. This energy is very blunt and to the point, so we have a much more straightforward approach to love and relationships. This is all about feeling love as a whole on a universal level. We are searching for an adventure in love, instead of worrying about our partner’s possible deceit or betrayal, we can relax and be more open-minded, outgoing, energetic, and free. Freedom becomes extremely important in our relationships during this cycle, but our overall attitude towards love is more enthusiastic and hopeful. If anything gets too intense now we seriously can get to down and actually split.

We might experience some sort of sexual liberation while Venus is in Sagittarius, as our walls come down and we are better able to express our sexuality, we are more natural and organic. So we can come on rather strongly to those we love or are interested in. This energy is full of philosophies and ideas, we are looking for others that hold the same truths or beliefs as we do in love. If you’re single, you might become focused on meeting those that share the same spiritual or religious beliefs as you. We’re looking for something exotic and full of adventure in our relationships now, and new relationships will be formed in the most interesting ways during this transition. Venus in Sagittarius energy puts us on a quest for enlightenment in our relationships, as we look to share our beliefs with a partner. This energy can have us exploring our own spirituality, philosophies, and all that is magical within. This means we tend to get very passionate about our beliefs in love and marriage. Many couples will travel and try new things during this time. It can be a wild and crazy time in partnerships, all in the name of love and fun. This energy is about spiritual enlightenment and connecting to one’s higher self, so, of course, you may look for that in a Soul Mate. However, we should be careful to not get overly dogmatic or judgmental while in this energy, especially around what we perceive as others lack in morality.

Venus in Sagittarius energy is all about having fun, it’s an attitude, and relationships are much more light-hearted, optimistic, and adventurous. And for all you single folks, dating can be the same way. Loads of fun! Besides, we are more interested in taking care of business and having a good time, than being burdened down by complicated emotions. It seemingly is just a waste of time, and being upset or sad in our relationships is the exact opposite of fun and a big no-no in this energy. However, we can have too high expectations in any relationship really, and if they fall short, we may end up leaving quickly without much explanation. So think before you make anything permanent during this time.

Venus in Sagittarius energy spreads around a whole lot of laughter and joy because its influence can have us feeling goofy and often raises our vibrational energy, so our sense of humor is aroused. This energy basically just wants us to get the party started, and have an amazing time. So dating can be a whole lot of fun now. Some of you might have a difficult time with sleep during this cycle because our minds are restless and our spirits are traveling out of our bodies into other dimensions, so we can have some amazing dreams.

The shadow side of this energy is we can feel more restless and have difficulty keeping settled down. Our attitude shifts to a more optimistic place, but we can feel “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”, which means we can start searching for something better in intimate relationships. So be careful not to break promises or commitments to your partners and end up cheating emotionally or otherwise. Also if we get upset with relationship issues or feel backed into a corner, this fiery Sagittarius energy can have us come out swinging, our words can be harsh and even brutal. So try really hard to think before you speak from an emotional place.

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