Weekly Update Special Issue

Rubys Astro Readings
“Weekly Update”
October 5th, 2016


Money and Career:
There are some wonderful astrological influences this week that can help us bring in money, jobs, offers and something good financially. Take the time to think about your career, and if you have been wanting to apply for a new job or work on your resume, this is the time to do it! It’s a great week to manifest any career goals you might have.

The aspects are the Sun/Saturn and Venus/Pluto connections currently underway. Through the end of this week these influences will be very strong and potent, so take advantage of them. Get your job resume out there, promote your business, play some lottery even, but make sure you are on the right track.

Staying focused:
It can be easy to get confused this week and lose focus, the energies are scattered, as things start to really get moving again. If you are moving too fast you might miss out on a potential opportunity. Stay FOCUSED as I have been mentioning, and work on drawing in wealth in some way throughout this week.

Mercury the planet of communication is moving into the sign Libra on Friday and is also connecting to Lucky Jupiter. Negotiations can go well. This is a great energy to do something creative, like art or writing. Over the next three weeks, you can be more effective when speaking or communicating.

But mental Mercury is also squaring the warrior of the Zodiac Mars this week, so this may cause some frustrations to arise. Some folks just want to argue and release pent up frustrations, and you could find yourself right in the line of fire. Overall if you can keep your cool, this can be a very effective time.

Pay Attention:
October 13th – 19th, we need to make sure and be extra careful, as Mars is coming together with powerful Pluto. This means be especially careful when driving, and when doing anything physical, because accidents can happen! There’s going to be some serious road rage, and people may get kind of crazy behind the wheel. October 15th seems to be the tensest! Also if we overdo things physically we can injure ourselves, so please be careful.

On October 16th the Moon will make a connection to wild Uranus, and that means something unexpected may come up or happen during the Full Moon in Aries! This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad or negative. Often Uranus hands out amazing information and sudden Ah-ha moments, so pay attention. The Sun Signs most affected by this energy are Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer.

A time of Retrogrades:
This was the year of Retrograde planets, with so many heavy hitters going into Retro at once. These cosmic influences have had us feeling stuck for months, and trapped in our deeper feelings. Not now, the energies are moving forward and so are we. Many of you are taking new challenges and responsibilities. There’s been a lot of folks ending their relationships abruptly recently. And those who are in a place of rethinking their life and future goals. The majority of theses influences have come from powerful Pluto and Mars both being in their Retrograde cycles. But they are back on track now and out of Retro. But remain in what’s called the “shadow” period, the period after the actual Retrograde cycle. During this time we are being made to deal with the issues we have been held back from over the last 5 months. There’s still two more planets in Retrograde currently, Neptune and Uranus. But there is also still a lot of forward movement just starting to happen.

During Retrograde phases we turn our focus more inward, which forces us to face up to that planets lessons or influences. So with Pluto, for example, we have been made to deal with deep truths and face our own buried issues, and to think about what needs to end or be transformed in our lives. Now that Pluto is moving forward once again, any suppressed feelings or desires that are coming up, are being shown to us, so we can deal with them. You can’t be in denial in this energy, and that has been hard for many folks. Any secrets or anything that was hidden has come out and might continue to through the New Year (2017).

Pluto Retrograde: Transformation
Pluto works on a soul-level and transforms us, it wants us to take back our own personal power so we can evolve. During this cycle, Pluto has been showing us how certain old ways and behaviors aren’t serving us anymore. If you haven’t already noticed the World is up in arms over, EVERYTHING! It has been Intense, to say the least. Changes are being forced on us if we understand why or not. Relationships of all kinds are taking a direct hit under this influence. There’s been lots of marriages breaking off suddenly, while others are leaving jobs and making big changes.

This deep transformational energy has torn a lot of things apart recently, and it’s been happening in all areas of our lives, especially around women, but that’s a topic for another time. Pluto isn’t handed out punishment or just exists to be destructive, no really it’s not! Pluto is the planet that transforms us and helps us take our place in this world, and own our personal power. Not only does it help us to mature and grow, but it helps us EVOLVE! During its Retro cycle, Pluto exposed the truth for us, so we could deal with real hard hitting issues. It’s showing us exactly where we need to make changes in our lives. These changes are being made also on very deep personal levels, this is why you see folks speaking out around the world about any and all injustices, it’s been relentless.

This energy will continue to play out whatever has already been brought up and put out in the open, through the New Year in 2017. But the lessons we’ve been dealing with will be more of what is worked on, no so much new issues, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have literally been transformed and have changed from the inside out, so things can’t go back to the way they used to be. We as a whole have moved too far now. As we continue to struggle to make the changes around what is no longer working anymore, or what has been hidden, kept secret, or suppressed. The truth is out! Traditions are being broken and there is no way to just sweep these issues under the rug, now that Pluto is direct and out of the Retrograde cycle. It is very important to strive, to be honest with yourself and accept your fate, the best way to come out of this unscathed is to listen to what Pluto is trying to show you, and think about what it’s messages are for you.

During the Pluto Retro. you probably did a whole lot of Soul-Searching around the relationships you have and discovered some truths around who and what isn’t working for you anymore. Once Pluto went back to normal in late Sept., these truths could no longer be ignored, and some things and relationships had to end. While Pluto’s lessons are quite harsh, remember its purpose is to help us Evolve! If you want to solve a problem you must first admit there is one, that’s what Pluto has done for us, so now it’s time to work on them actively, and reclaim your power in whatever situation it brought up for you. Make the necessary changes that will help your life be better.

We all have been dealing with the Pluto in Capricorn influence now and with Mars also recently also in Capricorn, through Nov. 8th, we will get that extra push to do what needs to get done! This influence has been affecting all of our Personal Astrology Charts, if you are not too sure just what part of your life needs to be changed, why not purchase a “One Question” Reading with me, and just message me or email me, and ask “How is Pluto been affecting my life?”


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