October Mini Horoscopes


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October 2016
Monthly Mini Horoscopes
Here’s a short list of the most influential Cosmic dates in October, so if it feels important when you read it, add it to your calendar so you can remember it and read my blogs that day and get more details. Save The Dates:October’s Cosmic Influences

The strongest and best cosmic dates of the month:

1. October 5th – can be a great day for love, if you don’t allow your jealousy to get out of control and anger to spoil the day.

2. October 7th – your Ego can get out of control and block you from a good relationship.

3. October 9th – a challenging day when the Waxing Quarter Moon is in Capricorn, and puts our fears in our face about how committed we are to making our dreams come true.

4. October 11th – Extremely powerful day that’s great for an important meeting at work or a very strong romantic night.

5. October 14th – it’s easier to make agreements on this day, any commitments that are made can come together very quickly.

6. October 16th – the Full Moon in Aries, it’s a good time to allow what is to simply be, take a break today. Forgiving yourself around any mistakes is important.

7. October 25th – this could be one of the most romantic nights of the year, but don’t expect good things with folks you don’t trust!

8. October 22nd – Waning Quarter Moon in Cancer, this reminds us that there’s nothing more important than family and close friends.

9. October 29th – Watch for tensions and arguments, don’t let them get out of control, or things can get a little too crazy.

10. October 30th – New Moon in Scorpio – powerful, deeply emotional energy, all about rising from the ashes of what you’ve let go of or walked away from. More on that later.


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