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Weekly Update

End of September

Life Changing Events Coming In

Pluto started moving forward again just a few days ago, and there will be some profound and life changing events that can happen to many of you reading this between now and November 8th. The process of exploring what your true soul path is what Pluto Retrograde has put us through and we have been in some seriously deep transformation.
You can expect the final week of September and the first week of October to be quite interesting, especially if you have any planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Make sure to stay aware and think about the changes you want to make! Wearing gemstones for different things is always good practice when trying to manifest or when you are trying to protect yourself. 

We’ve been dealing with Pluto’s Retrograde cycle for five months now. This energy took us on a psychological journey through certain issues we have been choosing to ignore. Many of you have been put through situations and circumstances that seemed beyond your control during this time, Pluto has made us deal with our deep fears and wounds. Once you face them, you will regain personal power and can move forward once again without so many of the same old blocks in your way. 

A Time for Business

Mars has moved into practical Capricorn this week and this helps us with our drive and ambition, especially when it comes to our career and work. We can be way more focused again, as Mars stays in Capricorn through November 8th. This gives you plenty of time to work on your goals. Mars give us that extra energy we need to get certain things done and in Capricorn it is a time for business. Wherever Mars is at in your personal “Astrology Chart,” you will see lots of activity and that part of your life will stay busy, this is where you will also be most effective for the time being. 

Relationship Issues

With Venus in Scorpio now our relationships can become more intense and passionate. For some of us this will cause strain, tension, and challenges in our partnerships. Those folks born with Venus in Scorpio are forever challenging their partners, so its a game of self-sabotage, when things run smoothly they stir the pot and cause problems and often create drama. Personally I think they just like to kiss and make up!  But with all that being said, there’s a nice Venus-Neptune connection coming together over the weekend and this will help lift up our relationships and ease tensions with those we are committed to. If you are experiencing any stress with a partner this aspect can help make things easier. Rough patches can be smoothed over in our relationships during this time.  

Friday – New Moon

The New Moon is this Friday in the sign of Libra. New Moon wishes and intentions should be made, don’t miss out on this energy, it is beautiful for manifesting in for all the signs of the zodiac. If you are a Libra this is the most special Moon cycle of the year for you. New Moons hold the most powerful energy to manifest our strongest desires in no matter what your Sun Sign maybe.


Take the time Friday evening or Saturday to write down you hopes, dreams and wishes. Set Intentions!! Then it is very important to not skip this part, and that is to visualize in your minds eye what you have wrote actually happening, so feel what it would be like to actually have the things you wrote. Hold that in your mind and try doing it more than once throughout the course of the day. Hold those thoughts for just a bit longer each time. All of this helps you harness the energy and connect to the Universe, and this helps them create what is you are wanting.  
With Lucky Jupiter being so close to the Sun and Moon during this particular New Moon phase the energies are very potent and strong, where many wishes will be granted. It’s extra lucky and special becuase of Jupiter’s involvement. Jupiter is known as the lucky planet. When the Moon, Sun, and Jupiter are all in the same sign it makes our manifesting powers much greater, this time around they all line up in the sign of Libra!*

*New Moons hold a very powerful energy that occur only once a month, this energy is great for setting intentions under. 

But knowing exactly what part of your own personal “Astrology Chart” the New Moon is cruising through can be very important, becuase that is the part of your life you should be focusing on. Having this information can help you answer some questions, like should I send out resumes for a new job, start a new diet, or get something going during this New Moon phase, with this information you can be more aware an focused on what part of your life this New Moon is affecting. If you choose to do this New Moon work now, in two weeks the Full Moon will occur, and you will hopefully start to see something manifest around what you have asked for. 

If you are not to sure just where your focus should be and where you can be most effective, just purchase a “One Question” Reading here with me and ask me, “What part of my life should I be focusing on during this New Moon?” And I will add in a little extra about just where Mars is currently visiting in your chart and what part of your life you should be most driven and passionate in. This helps you know better where to place your energy and focus, so you can help harness the success the Universe wants to bring in. 

Have a Blessed New Moon 



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