Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 

Rubys Astro Readings

September 16th, 2016


A potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs around 2pm CST, 3pm EST today in the sign of Pisces.

This is the kind of energy that creates sudden realizations, epiphanies and Ah-ha moments. Eclipse Season” provides all kinds of excitement with sudden twists and turning points, some good and some not so good! But this particular Eclipse seems to be affecting more of our issues related around our work and how we help or are of service others, due to the Sun in Virgo.

This Lunar Eclipse energy has pushed many of you to deal with what isn’t working in your life or what is missing. With the Sun in Virgo we should be thinking about what we use to get through our day-to-day lives, what tools and techniques. And with the Moon in Pisces we should be thinking about how we nurture our Spiritual Self. It’s all about balancing the two energies. Does your work fulfill your Soul or does it make you miserable? Think about what you can start doing in small practical ways to make yourself happy and get on your Souls Path in this lifetime. This Eclipse helps us figure out our destiny in this life! Are you fulfilling yours? Neglecting either one of these energies around our work and spirit, can cause chaos in our lives!

Just like during any Full Moon our Dreams have been extremely vivid, especially being in dreamy Pisces. (Mine have been so clear and real feeling!) Take notes about your dreams now and also any kind of special visions, insights or deep feelings you may have. The best way to know they are special is when you have those sudden quick visions or feelings. This is the time when secrets are revealed and the truth is shown, even if they lie within ourselves. Some of us will feel a “calling” of sorts to do something new over the next six months, so pay extra close attention to the signs or messages the Cosmos is trying to send you.

You might notice how tired or drained you are feeling, it’s important to get rest throughout “Eclipse Season.” Don’t neglect your spirit in this energy, make sure to take some extra time by doing things that recharge you and connect you to your spiritual-self. Things like meditation, yoga, or just writing in a journal can help. Write about your hopes, wishes, dreams and even complaints. Ask and write down what you would like to focus on next in your life….do you want a new job or to stay at your current job is a good example. Write your heart out and visualize it, it really does make a huge difference. Especially right now with the Moon in Pisces, because our imagination is strong!

This energy can assist you in opening up your heart to feel, which helps you work on issues of trust and faith better. We l are tapped into the Cosmos right now, we are plugged into the matrix! Therefore use this energy to manifest what it is you really desire.

Also fiery Mars has been busy this week stirring up our passions and tempers. Finally, Mars is playing nice and is forming a harmonious connection to Uranus the planet that reveals, the planet that gives us amazing Messages and Ah-ha moments directly from the Universe! This helps us feel free to experiment with our new found information and ideas, as we can start to see our progress and make positive changes to get on our true Souls Path! ~Happy Full Moon 





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What are you ready to allow to come into your life? First make plenty of room for what you want to release today. Thank you Ruby!


Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
What are you ready to allow to come into your life? First make plenty of room for what you want to release today. Thank you Ruby!


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