September 16 Full Moon Eclipse 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

By Ruby

September 2016

The “Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse” in Pisces is on Friday, September 16th at 3pm EST and 2pm CST. This Eclipse is going to be quite intense due to its involvement with Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo, and Mars in Sagittarius, and then “wounded healer” Chiron, which is also Retrograde in Pisces. Whew that’s a mouthful huh, well actually in Astrology it really is, so let me break this down for you and make sense of it all.

Eclipses cause crisis and bring strong endings and new beginnings. This Eclipse is in Pisces which can help us to release something, and Full Moon’s are all about letting go! Pisces is also the sign of goodbyes, releasing or letting go. So you know what you need to do during this Eclipse! This Eclipse Season started back on July 29th, and a lot has happened since then. There’s been a lot of break-ups and people leaving jobs, but I’m also starting to see the other half who are meeting new lovers and getting new jobs…with a little help from our friends Jupiter and Venus both now in Libra, read all about that here…
Jupiter in Libra, this is a good thing!

Eclipses are often explained to be much like a portal, with doors closing and opening. They also send us important updates just like a smart phone, which are unconscious downloads of information we need so we can evolve as a whole. By the way really understanding the downloads takes some time.

This Lunar Eclipse moves with the South Node in Pisces. which is considered to be a Karmic point in Astrology, and this means there’s something we need to release or let go of now. This energy represents an area of your life that needs clearing. If you are already feeling tired and drained, then it is more than likely the Eclipse showing you what you need to shift in your life. And because Mars is so closely involved in this Eclipse energy, if you need a clue of what this shift should be around in your life than look to what is making you the most angry or frustrated this week! If you can figure out what is draining you than you will figure out what needs to go or be changed.

This Eclipse brings information and a knowingness that you feel from within yourself, so you know something needs to change but may not be to sure what’s actually ahead. At this point it is probably more clear what you are leaving behind. For example you could be walking out of a long-term relationship and have no clue to who your next partner is or even when you will meet them. But irregardless it is time now to let go of what isn’t making you happy and what doesn’t line up with your Soul’s Path.

Because this Full Moon is in Pisces we often end up having very detailed, intense dreams, and I can’t express just how vivid my dreams have been this week. Pay close attention to what messages your dreams are trying to convey to you this week and into next. Also be sure to take notes about your dreams right away if at all possible, so you can look up all the symbolism involved and those meanings. If you need some help and your dream is pretty lengthy I do Dream Analysis for a small fee, so just email or message me and let me know. I am glad to be of service.

It’s also important to look at your very own personal “Astrology Birth Chart” to see what area of your life this Eclipse is passing through and how it is affecting your life. If you are not entirely to sure, I am doing “One Question Readings” on this topic, so purchase a Reading with me by email and just ask me, “How will the Eclipse affect my life?”

This Eclipse is connecting to passionate, hot-headed Mars which can make you feel frustrated to say the least and tired, so make sure to get lots of rest and don’t over do it this week, and that means even with work or important errands, above anything else Take it Easy. There’s a lot of Karmic changes happening during this time, and adjustments need to be made now. These influences are helping you to let go and get rid of what isn’t basically meant to be anymore in your life. So you may experience fated events that can cause major changes in your life, but they are necessary to balance and adjust your Soul’s Path. These aspects can cause your emotions to run very high and some relationships to be challenged. It’s important to be kind to everyone you meet this coming week and throughout next. Even though being kind should just be the rule, it is very important to do so this week. Some folks can be difficult to deal with but I want you to be nice, some folks might even throw major temper tantrums, but I want you to be nice! Even if you don’t know them yes you got it be nice…the bottom line is what we put out to anyone is what comes back around, if you don’t want to deal with negative or nasty energy than put out positive vibes so that energy can come back to you!

Also do be careful for accidents this week, and with Mars squaring this Moon we need to watch ourselves for arguments. Just know folks need to vent right now and blow off some steam, so be a friend and listen if you can. Also with the Sun squaring fiery Mars this week, some folks are going to be acting, moving and doing things way to fast and not paying attention, it is important to remember to Think Before You Act while we’re in this energy.

“Eclipses bring strong Endings and New Beginnings”

This Eclipse acting as a Portal will help you release what you don’t need in your life and what isn’t matching your Soul’s path anymore, thus creating the space for what you do need to show up. Even if you aren’t to sure what that is or looks like just yet. This can be the most frustrating part of Eclipse Season for folks, and that is because you may know what has to go now in your life or what you need to let go of, but have no clue what is next and what is coming, it is a very vulnerable place to be and can be scary even. Eclipses take something away to bring in something new, and more often than not it is better for us and sometimes it’s even better than we could have imagined!

Remember this “Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse” is as strong as three Full Moons they say, and it’s already proved to be a highly charged emotional week, stay grounded and don’t allow other folks to drag you into their drama. This can be a very rewarding and exciting time if you can stay focused.

Blessed Full Moon



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Really important information here that relates to yesterday’s post about frequency: “Eclipses bring strong Endings and New Beginnings.” Get clear on what needs to go, so that you can welcome the resulting upgrades.


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