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New Moon Solar Eclipse

Sept. 1st 2016
The New Moon in Virgo comes together on Thursday, Sept. 1st and is also a Solar Eclipse, and all of this occurs at 5 AM EST, 4 AM CST. New Moon’s represent new beginnings and are a great time to manifest, so make out  your wish lists about what it is you truly want or desire. This is an extremely powerful and potent New Moon because it is an Eclipse, they say it has the energy of three New Moon’s! Therefore this is an opportune time to “Set Intentions” with the Moon’s energy, or wish for what you want! To learn more about just how to “Set Intentions” with the New Moon, click the link.
Eclipses always come in pairs for a reason, they are a time of powerful endings and new beginnings. Energy opens and closes. Power shifts and creates changes. They actually restore balance in our lives. The Solar Eclipse on Sept. 1st is in Virgo and the Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16th in Pisces. Eclipse Season is a time when things grow fast and parts of our lives take off! During an Eclipse, events that seem destined or fated often take place, so basically there’s a reason for what happens. Eclipses run in 19 year cycles. So back in 1997 there was the same Virgo Solar Eclipse. Think back to the Fall of 1997, what were you doing? What issues were happening? Those issues or emotions you felt back than can come back around to be dealt with in one way or another now. It’s time to complete this particular problem now and wrap it up, it could be about anything. Think about what issues are up for you right now. The New Moon Eclipse that comes together on Thursday morning is completing a 19 year cycle for us. It’s time for a different and new cycle to take over, so we must release something…it could be a person, situation or even a old worn out belief system that isn’t working for us anymore. According to Astrologers this Eclipse energy will affect us through 2035.
For some folks the Eclipses can help put you on the right path towards what you are destined to be doing in this life. So they can put us in a place where we can fulfill our life’s purpose! If you’re not on the right path currently or not doing what you’re supposed to…the Eclipses can line you up towards the right situations. Or at the very least help you release or let go of whatever isn’t working for you or is taking you down the wrong path. Structures are being built now, be it a new business, physical space, or just a new idea or belief system. Our lives have definitely been shaken around this year, so we can build up and create something new and become more lined up with our life’s work.
This Solar Eclipse is very different as it really pushes us to do and find our life’s purpose. The Moon in Virgo is meeting up with lucky Jupiter, so Thursday is a great day to work on your future. Make sure you’re not just trying to please someone else and that you’re doing what you feel is in your heart. It’s important to not start something or just say yes to anything at this time, especially if you don’t feel it in your own heart and soul, that just means it’s not part of your own destiny in this life. What you are building or creating now is very important to your future. If it is an energetic match and a true reflection of who you are and where you are supposed to be, it will grow substantially and get moving. This means in some way you’ll be successful at what you are doing, otherwise you’re not living your truth and new projects might fail sooner than later.
You might be feeling really anxious or off in some way in this wild energy, you can be buzzing with energy but exhausted all at the same time! Eclipse Season is very hard on us human beings, and we can experience a wide range of emotions at this time, lots of emotional highs and lows. You could be experiencing high anxiety and deep depression. But that’s what Eclipses do to us, sort of almost reprogram us. It’s like a smart phone upgrade really, we start to download information unconsciously that will eventually be part of out awareness. So these manic range of emotions will settle back down soon!

It’s time to get spiritual! You don’t want to miss this window of opportunity! This particular Eclipse only comes around once every 19 years. Take the time to write out your Wish Lists in this extremely potent energy, if you believe it or not, if you understand it or not! You have all of Wednesday evening through Thursday to set some powerful intentions. Ask yourself, what do you want in your life, what are you trying to manifest. Since this Eclipse is in Virgo ask also what’s your life’s work about if you’re not sure already as to what you are supposed to be doing.  If you’re curious just how this New Moon Eclipse might be affecting you and what part of your life this new 19 yr old cycle is in, in your own personal Astrology Chart… just Message me and purchase a “One Question” Reading! I will do the research for you and explain what area of your life you should be focused on during this powerful time.

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