Venus in Libra 

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Aug 30, Wednesday 

“Venus In Libra”
VENUS is slowly shifting into more gracious, balanced LIBRA tonight, where it will stay through September 23rd. This again affects all the signs of the Zodiac! (Don’t confuse this with “JUPITER in LIBRA” in September, check out my Blog at

to learn more about that energy.)
With VENUS in LIBRA, folks are more charming and diplomatic, especially with our partners or lovers. Venus feels very much at home in LIBRA, as it’s the sign that it rules. There’s a more strong place in our hearts for companionship at this time, but there’s also a place that wants peaceful detachment with VENUS in LIBRA energy. We can be much easier to get along with under this influence, because we’re more willing to negotiate and compromise. However, we aren’t maybe quite as patient and want to get stuff done in a hurry, and can be turned off by aggressive or unusual behavior. So don’t be overly rude or forget your manners when you’re with the one you love, or perhaps on a new date…because this will turn the other person off.
There’s also the dark side or shadow part of LIBRA energy that we have to deal with. Traits like being overly dependant, inconsistent, or superficiality are going to be in the air. In other words don’t lose your sense of self just to please a partner. Make sure to remain an individual as well and keep doing the things you love to do.
It’s all to easy to avoid unpleasant situations with VENUS in LIBRA, because we tend to not want to deal with our deeper feelings in our current relationships. But keep your feet on the ground and try to deal with reality and what’s currently really happening and not just what you want to see or believe. We are looking for what’s more harmonious and balanced in all our close relationships and around our finances.
Enjoy this time as many couples are really going to start to feel this energy along with JUPITER IN LIBRA starting next week! Many new relationships are going to be made, and bonds can grow stronger in committed relationships, and financial opportunities are in the air! Enjoy! 



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