“Love and Breakthroughs”

Rubys Astro Readings

Sat. 27th – Weekend Update

“Love and Breakthroughs”

Today can be lovely? Really the choice is yours! But with loving Venus connecting to expansive Jupiter today recent tensions are put to rest as this influence promotes cooperation. So this can help us not have such high expectations. Feelings of hopefulness and optimism fill the air, and we certainly can be way more forgiving and generous under this influence. With the Moon in sensitive Cancer, we are even more loving than usual, because no matter how rattled we all might feel in this energy normally, Cancer energy always takes us back into our heart. This energy is a big dose of love that can pry our HEARTS WIDE OPEN! We so need this right now!
~No matter how hard your life has been, always try and remember the key to being actually happy is to operate from your Heart in all you think, say, and do! During life’s tougher moments we tend to close that energy down to ourselves and others, without even realizing it. So if you can learn how to open your heart and feel more connected to the planet, and the cosmos and then to your higher power, (whatever that may be), you’ll experience more happiness in your life! We all have to plug ourselves in to that source of energy, just like how you plug in your smartphones everyday, you too need that charge of energy every single day to stay strong on all levels.
(the energies I write about are just “Influences”, so if you are more pessimistic by nature or negative…the lightest you might end up feeling isn’t going to be all that much, but it will be better for you. Now if you’re more positive and somewhat happy with yourself, than a high energy day like today is going to help you feel amazing!
Even though the theme of the weekend is some serious feel good energy, there’s also folks out there experiencing some sort of shift that is breaking something down in their life. It could be a relationship, a job, or just about anything really. But it’s happening for good reasons, even though it might be tough or difficult to get through. There’s a reason you’re being pushed away or out of something, and you might feel like you have reached your breaking point now. Just remember if this is how your feeling it’s because you weren’t meant to be in that relationship anymore or at that crappy job, that your heart was never into in the first place! So instead of focusing on why you’re sort of being kicked out of whatever situation, focus on where you should be going in that area of your life and ask for what you truly desire.
Because Jupiter is part of the astrological energies this weekend, everything can be larger than life feeling! So we can overdo and overspend. You certainly may end up sharing how you feel in a big way, but you might wanna pay attention to not going overboard and getting to carried away! Or you can overstate how you’re feeling and say too much! This energy helps us to be more sociable as we are fun-loving and light hearted. We desire a more enjoyable kind of weekend with others and to be able to share our feelings on a deep emotional level.
Anything that makes us happy or that gives us pleasure can be even more satisfying than usual in this energy, so we want to just feel good. This can be an excellent time to begin a New Relationship or take on a new financial responsibility. This energy can also help us strengthen bonds or ties we already have with lovers, friends, and anyone we are close too. Folks seem to make more of an effort by showing kind gestures. With it being so close to Mercury’s Retrograde phase (Aug 30), one of the best things we could do this weekend is to take some time and re-commit ourselves to an already existing project or issue that we haven’t finished yet!
Venus is also involved in a interesting connection to “The Wounded Healer” Chiron this weekend, and this also brings in feelings of love, closeness, and commitment. We may just want to enjoy our lives at this time because we are seeing what’s different in others and their emotional wounds as something positive. This influence can once again help us to open up our hearts and experience moments of unconditional love. So run with those good vibes and choose to recieve the energies these weekend. And if you’re caught up being all sad and depressed over something your breaking away from now, just know that there’s something better for you or this wouldn’t be happening in the first place. Embrace this energy and enjoy!



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