Mars Conjunct Saturn 

August 24-26

“Get Creative”

It’s your choice to use this energy to create conflict or to discover amazing creative breakthroughs! Fiery Mars is making quite the connection to stern Saturn right now and this is causing some serious challenges, and negativity from those folks that are being strongly affected by this energy.

Now there’s another side to the Mars/Saturn connection which can actually be motivating and help give you the determination to work on certain tasks and goals that need finished. Remember ultimately the choice is yours as we get through this week. This influence can bring big opportunities that help us get ahead in a more positive way, or you can join the ones who are upset and creating drama and bullshit! Simply because their not trying to actively do something different with this energy, and for some they might not even realize they can shift this energy. 

The first wave of this energy seemed to have caused some frustration and anger. It’s important that we channel this energy into a positive, for example go work out if you feel frustrated or get to work on a project that keeps you sort of away from others. Get creative! You can take this heavy energy and transform it into something productive if you just stay aware of how it’s affecting you, and are willing to think about it differently. 

This energy mainly shows itself through others and their behavior. Which means some folks will get ugly, hateful, mean and nasty, and even argumentative! And in some extreme cases violent over the next three days or so. That just means we should work more at keeping our vibration and energy lighter and more positive, stay strong and keep those shields up and your aura protected. 

One of the ways to lighten up this heavy energy is through music. So I played music all evening on my main Facebook page… I choose songs that I really feel in my heart, this helps to raise the vibrational energy and can keep our space free of the negative. Do Not Allow other folks to drag you down and into the lower vibrations or more negative side of this astrological influence!

This is a bad time to push people or to have those hard upsetting conversations. Stay away from and don’t cause arguments. Keep away from anything that feels dangerous or unsafe this week. Use this Mars/Saturn energy in a more positive way by sticking to the tasks at hand, ones that require your attention and even concentration if at all possible. Get Creative!!

~Ruby #rubysreadings 

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LISTEN UP!!!!! Ruby knows – heed her warning!! I know you are all feeling it because you have been telling me so. Get creative!!


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