Emotional Ups and Downs 

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Wednesday, August 17th

“Emotional Ups and Downs”
Full Moon Eclipse 

The Moon remains in detached, inquisitive Aquarius all day long! We crave some emotional excitement, and with the Moon nearly Full (Thursday morning), we’re probably going to get it! This Full Moon is also a partial Eclipse, so it’s more potent than a normal Full Moon, especially as the energy builds up through tomorrow morning. 
Moon in Aquarius

This is the theme of the Full Moon, with it being in Aquarius we’re attracted to the odd, strange, and unusual side of life. Our minds are sharp and we love to learn. We tend to follow our own unique path in this energy, looking for something different and unique. So keep your mind active through subjects like psychology, sociology, Astrology or social media. This cycle is good for working with electronics, inventing, and anything intellectual. Sympathy and affection reach far beyond family and friends, and out to the masses and all of humanity. 
Spiritual Rebirth 

Venus and Pluto are making a harmonious connection today, and with all the relationship drama over this last week, we sure do need it! This energy can have you feeling quite passionate, as your focus may be on just one person, situation, relationship, or whatever! But you can be obsessive, usually in a more pleasant way. There’s a strong need to share and figure out issues on a deeper level. If affected strongly by this influence you can experience some sort of “Spiritual Rebirth” through love! So open your heart and allow this energy to help you. 

Planning on Setting some “Full Moon” intentions, well you can start anytime today, (Wednesday.) Under the light of the Full Moon ask the Universe to help you “Let Go” and “Release” what is Blocking you, or no longer working or serving you! During a Full Moon our focus should be on releasing, as truths and information are brought out of the dark and into the light, we now can see the unseen. The Full Moon occurs early Thursday morning right before sunrise, but it’s energy will strong for the next few days! 


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