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      Weekly Update

    August 10th-17th 

Speak Your Truth! 

Starting on Wednesday we have an opportunity to speak our truth, so we need to try really hard to speak up! This is a good time to express yourself. You could find yourself in a bit of dilemma right now, but expressive Mercury and powerful Pluto make a nice connection that is very powerful, and this energy can assist us in taking our power back by helping us stand up for ourselves. Watch for folks who might try and manipulate you today, they might even try to boss you around. So if anyone gets to pushy or cocky, you’re more than likely going to speak up and back them off pretty quickly. Also someone could end up trying to trip you up and ask you for a opinion, the best thing you can do is be totally honest today. Even if this is tough you really need to be truthful for very good reasons, otherwise saying anything false can come back and cause you problems later.

Healing Wounds

You might become a little depressed this week, especially on Friday and not quite understand why, well the Moon will be in Scorpio for a few days and this energies influence can be hard for some of us to handle, it is all about what’s happening on a subconscious level. You may not even be aware that there’s something bothering you from the past. So this can be a time of healing, and it’s a very good time for this energy with overly optimistic Jupiter and wounded healer Chiron make a challenging connection. At the very least do some soul-searching as to why you are hurting. There might have been a point in your life where you felt your dreams weren’t going to happen and your hopes were lost. You may have never really worked through all of this emotional slush or even grieved whatever you lost, you stuffed it away to survive and repressed the pain. So later this week if any old feelings resurface, and you’re not to sure what they are all about, then it’s time to ask your higher-self exactly just what you need to let go of and released. I personally find “Journaling” and Meditation to be some of the best ways to figure these sort of issues out. Ask yourself what you’re still holding on to from the past? Is this about a relationship that went bad? Did you never get to realize a dream about the perfect career? Perhaps you lost someone you loved, in one way or another. By looking at your old emotional wounds through a new and different perspective, now that you are far away from it, the Universe is giving you  an opportunity to heal some wounds up this week.

Back on Track! 

Now let’s talk about the planet that enforces the rules, Saturn, it’s time to get back on track towards your goals again. It’s been a long haul for so many folks, while Saturn was in its Retrograde cycle, and on Saturday, August 13th Saturn will go direct once again! I’m sure some of you have been thinking more so about your future and something you should be doing. Perhaps you’ve been forced into doing something you really didn’t want to do. And over the last five months while Saturn was in Retrograde, you had the opportunity to really think about what you do want and your goals. There are many signs of changes just on the horizon. So it’s time to get unstuck! Now finally, is the time to get moving again and take actions.

Mars is the planet that rules our physical movement and helps keep us motivated, and is joining Saturn by going direct and out of Retrograde this weekend, so are things going to start to pickup again over the next few weeks. This energy is the big boost we’ve been needing to go after our dreams. Saturn helps us to plan out our goals now. So you can build a solid foundation, and Mars will give you the drive to do it. Mars helps us more so by giving us courage to work on our dreams, or to really live the life we’ve been wanting to. 

If you’re curious about what part of your life this Saturn/Mars energy is developing in, we need to look at your personal Astrology Chart, and you can purchase a “One Question” Reading from me and ask me “Where am I headed?” I will do the research and let you know just how this energy affects you! (this is a paid Astrology Service and is done by email only) 

I have already figured out my own future goals and what I need to really be working on, and I’m going for it and expecting good things to come my way soon! Since we have nearly 16 months to work on these goals while Saturn transits Sagittarius, this gives us time to manifest our hopes and dreams and watch them grow. So gear up and get ready, you’ll soon probably make some sort of changes in your life that will be beneficial, be it small or big! Focus on asking yourself what you need to rid of in your life, in order to get ahead and move forward again. 


On Sunday, August 14th Venus is opposing Neptune. If you’ve been dreaming of love from your past or if you’ve been hanging on to someone in your heart for way to long, maybe because you don’t want to be alone, than this aspect can cause some issues. Things can become crystal clear! Matters of the heart are going to show up, and you could have a fantasy about the one who got away, or a love that you’ve been holding onto for a long time. This energy begs us to let go and live in the reality of now! So if you’re not happy in your love life now, it’s time to change it.

Also on Sunday Venus will be squaring Saturn, and relationships will come under fire. There can be conflicts and the big question will be, “should I stay or should I go?” This can be a very productive week that helps us release old emotional wounds and repressed feelings. Any kind of relationship or situation that even seems to be holding us back can suddenly break. Allow the cosmos to do its work and guide you through these transits, so that you may experience happiness in your future, 




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