Love Yourself 

“How about Falling in love with yourself?”

Are you Single? You may want to read this one! 

If you follow my blogs than from time to time you will read about how you should be working on your relationships. Often I discuss just how to get along with your partner or significant other in some way. If you read one of my Blogs and see the word “relationships”, than you might be thinking to yourself “that’s not about me, I’m not with anyone.” Or you might feel that it doesn’t apply to you because you’re already very happy in your current relationship, or you are totally miserable. Well think again, because that’s not how it works! First off, everything is and should be about “Self” first and foremost, no matter what is happening with the planets! Either way the single most important relationship you should be working on is with (yes that’s right, you guessed it) yourself! Because even if you’re involved with someone else, life should be about you first, and this isn’t about being selfish, greedy, or even narcissistic. It’s about being authentic, vulnerable, and loving. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with “Self.” If you truly want a fulfilling and loving relationship with someone else, a partner or Soulmate, than above anything else you need to learn how to love yourself first! 


Here’s the deal, next time you’re read anywhere that you should be working on a current relationship, and you find yourself not in one at the time, than I invite you to think long and hard about exploring the “relationship” that you have with yourself. Ask your higher-self some questions. 

No matter how you go about it, doing some sort of spiritual work or inner child work really does, well work! LOL, it can help heal up whatever wounds are blocki you from enjoying good relationships with others period, be it lovers or friends. 

Try for example a simple “Observer Meditation,” where you see another version of yourself in your minds eye and talk to that version of you, and than continue to see another version of you and just simply observe yourself again, until there’s 20 of you (less or more doesn’t matter.) The point is you’ll see different sides of you, from different ages and times. Tell each self one at a time just how important they are, and how loved they are by you. Then ask them if they need anything, and explain to them that they are safe and remind them just how beautiful and amazing each one is! The main thing is to observe yourself and watch you, notice the little things about you. This is a very deep meditation that can help help your emotional wounds.  (If you have more questions about this meditation, please Message me.) 

Another way to do some spiritual work on the relationship that you have with yourself is to Journal. Ask some questions like, what do I think, feel, or pickup on intuitively about myself. Write your heart out, and explore your feelings about the relationship you have with yourself, and write it as if there are two different people, so write from you to your higher-self.

 Practicing spiritual work like this is often what I am referring to when I say do some work around this or that in my blogs or readings. The Universe is always sending you lessons, this helps you advance and evolve to a higher vibrational energy…which in turn can help you find a healthier relationship with another person, or enhance a current ongoing relationship, Ah-Ha you say! Yes this kind of work is the secret to our success. I know it was mine! That’s why I teach everyone else to do the same, because I was lucky or blessed in some way to have had so many guides/Angels or whatever you want to call them teach me along my path in life, they taught me how to love myself when I refused to do so. And in the end if you don’t learn how to at least like, accept, and love yourself, than who else will bother to try? Remember the energy you put out is what will come back to you, so if you love you…others will love you back. We’re all just mirrors to each other, so make sure your reflection is healthy spiritually speaking. 



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