New Moon Day! 

Rubys Astro Readings 

August New Moon

Tuesday, August 2nd 

A New Moon comes together late Tuesday afternoon, August 2nd, 2016 which marks the beginning of a new cycle of energy in all of our lives, some of you will really notice it and others…well it’s there for you, so if you want more positive changes to show up in your life you have to reach out and grab them. Otherwise you could miss a great opportunity today! This officially ends the energy of Cancer Season and brings in the energy of Leo Season, and the New Moon cycle begins. 

This month’s New Moon is in romantic, dramatic, creative Leo, so it’s time to make some goals around all things Leo! Don’t let anything hold you back from pursuing your goals. With the Moon in Leo we should be concentrating on finding new ways to better our romantic life, and in our relationships with our children. Leo is a fun-loving fire sign that can ignite our creativity and passion. Some Leo keywords to keep in mind are; proud, self-expressive, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, dramatic and open-hearted. So think of ways big or small to bring these traits into your own life, no matter what your Sun sign is! 

Leo’s fiery energy is very potent, it gives all of us the chance to make some important changes in our lives, and these changes can help us in the future well beyond this New Moon cycle, (some astrologers believe up to 6 months later). It’s time to make some serious plans, and set the stage for your goals wishes and dreams to come in to your life. This is a great time to accept invitations to events and parties, and maybe start a new hobby, or sign up for a class. Whatever you choose to do, start something whether you pursue a dream, an idea, plan or project.

It’s a New Moon so that means it’s time to “Set Intentions” around what you truly desire! It doesn’t matter if your wishes or dreams are big or small, new beginnings are ready to come in to our lives now, since the Full Moon occurred a few weeks back, so focus on ways to bring romance and creativity into you life, while you work on building up your confidence and pride with the Moon and Sun both in Leo.

“Setting Intentions” times are starting anytime now or Tuesday August 2nd, and we have all the way through Wednesday very late at night, or early Thursday morning on August 4th! That’s a long period of time to get your work done or even learn how to “Set Intentions.” 

And as always, during any New Moon, we must invest in what we want to see grow or become more important in our life. The power of the New Moon is in effect until the next Full Moon, which this month will be a Lunar Eclipse on August 18th. 



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