Uranus Retrograde 


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July 30th 


You might have already noticed the seriously strong energy affecting us, it’s been making folks feel nervous and excitable, that’s the affects of the planet Uranus going into Retrograde on Friday, July 29th! Uranus is also in Aries right now and has been a game changer these last 3 years or so, because in this action packed sign Uranus will get things changed, no matter what! Uranus is the planet of unexpected changes, and it brings about the energy of revolution, and in Aries it initiates what needs to be done to promote these changes. So often this planet can bring about chaos, especially since it’s in go get ’em fiery Aries right now! Because Uranus will shake foundations down that aren’t authentic or based on something higher or more evolved, these so called structures can be something in your physical reality or a relationship, marriage, a job, and even just a old worn out idea or behavior. So any kind of bond that is formed really…this is part of why we are seeing so much chaos in the world. This energy is demanding we get real with ourselves and others, about what we are doing and is tearing down what’s false and harmful to our evolution. Anything fake or phoney won’t do. 

Many of you will feel conflicted during this Uranus Retrograde phase, because you may feel like breaking free from something that has been restrictive, like your job or a relationship. But you also want to feel safe and close to what you already know and have. So I’m not saying don’t go with this energy, it’s affecting you in a certain area of your life for a reason! But before you go making any kind of permanent decisions just make sure you really want it, for example do you really want a new job or to be free from that long-term relationship? First at least think about your consequences before taking any major actions.


This energy can help us get rid of the things, people, and situations that are no longer working for us. But we can end up making big changes without much forethought, and often that leads to regrets. All I’m saying is pay attention to what you’re doing while this influence takes ahold for the next 4 months, because you will have to live with your decisions. There’s going to be a lot of folks ranting and raving about how they are not going to take it anymore, or you might hear them express how they have had enough of someone or something. So wherever Uranus falls in your own personal Astro Chart is where you’ll feel this Retrograde energy.

Uranus in Aires has already been making some powerful tense squares over this last 4 years and it’s really kicked back up for the last several months, and it’s been rough for some of you. Just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there are better and less challenging times ahead, astrologically speaking that is. As Uranus heads backwards you might feel tense in one particular area of your life, which depends on where Uranus falls in your own personal Astro Birth Chart! Even though we might have some intensity to deal with, the Uranus Retrograde phase can also assist you, it can lead you into major breakthroughs! But only if you’re willing to be consciously aware of how all this energy is making you feel. Perhaps writing it down daily, so you can understand the Spiritual lessons behind this cycle. Uranus isn’t always a negative energy, it delivers amazing insights and Aa-Ha moments, it’s often referred to as, “The Bridge between Earth and the Heavens”. So it’s information can be exciting and extremely valuable! 


Whatever specific part of your chart Uranus is visiting is the area of your life you can expect some serious changes in. And whatever House Aquarius falls in your own personal Astrology Birth Chart as well, because Uranus rules Aquarius. With this energy there can be some tense arguments, temper tantrums, and outbursts, or as I’ve been explaining some seriously insightful breakthroughs. I am always reaching to be a more spiritually evolved person, I think I will choose the latter. I hope you do the same. 

If you would like to know just how Uranus Retrograde’s cycle will affect you between now and December 29th, then order a paid “One Question” Reading with me, and ask me, “How will Uranus Retrograde affect me?” I will do the research based on your own personal Birth Chart information and tell you what part of your life this energy will be shaking up.


There’s also some good stuff to talk about, you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Starting just a few days ago a more harmonious aspect between Uranus and Venus came together, this can bring in unexpected money, and new relationships! Venus trine Uranus is a nice aspect that creates more excitement in our relationships, and hopefully some more fun as well. And it being Leo Season that’s exactly what we are looking for! This aspect runs through August 5th, so make the most of it. A word to the wise, any relationship that is started under this influence may not turn into a long lasting commitment. It’s supposed to be fun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for keeps or permanent.


Also if you’ve got some projects you need to finish up, and especially if there’s any multi-tasking involved, there’s some better energy coming in that can help. As a nice aspect between the Sun and the authority of the Zodiac Saturn come together on August 8th. This is a great time to make deadlines, so a few days before and after the 8th should be a good time to get a whole lot accomplished. 



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