Last Quarter Moon 

Ruby’s Astro Reading 

“Last Quarter Moon”

A “Last Quarter” Moon occurs this evening, when the Sun in Leo forms a tense square with the Moon in Taurus. Which sets a nervous and exciting tone for the day. A “Last Quarter” Moon is a time to confront our problems and deal with them, sort of take the bulls by the horn. 

It’s a good time to lay foundations and make plans for future goals. The energy during the “Last Quarter” Moon can be even more intense than a Full Moon, as this energy creates a time of crisis! Do ya feel it? But you can turn this energy towards getting what we want or give up, the choice is up to you. 

During the Sun/Moon Square at the Last Quarter we tend to push to move forward. There’s newer information that was probably discovered over the last week or so. And we are ready to react, but we should at least be cautious enough to know when to take action. If we choose to ignore these issues we can find ourselves caught up in even more problems from our past. So make a move, even the smallest action can help the energies move forward. Get out of your comfort zone and move through your fears and summon up the courage to go forward.

Visualize the Universe is watching over you and is cheering you on, giving you some kind of positive recognition. See what it would feel like to get past your fears and do something you really want! 

Try this today or during the next “Last Quarter” Moon and see how it works for you. Get out there and try, and push a little, just stay calm while doing so. For example; call that job you’ve applied for until they give you a honest answer. Tell someone you love them. Confess your true feelings, and be vulnerable and open. Take a action around your dreams, just do one small thing…it can move you forward into what you desire.



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