Moon in Aquarius/Stabilized 



The Moon is in Aquarius all day, and this stimulates a more emotional need for freedom and independence. We enjoy a good debate now, and there’s a whole lot going on to debate about! 

There’s some conflicting energy coming together today, the Aquarius Moon actually wants to keep us from getting to personal with others, and we can be more detached emotionally from folks. But Mercury the communicator and loving Venus both are in Leo, and that energy is all about expressing oneself. This can cause people to change their minds around what they actually need and desire. Mixed signals are given off and misunderstandings are possible. Just remember balance, there’s certain parts of our lives that we shouldn’t be so emotionally attached in, like in business. But we should also be able to express how we feel freely, like in our personal relationships. 

Venus and wounded healer Chiron make a more challenging  connection today, and this can cause us to go into self-protection mode! But loving Venus also connects to more hard Ass Saturn which means our relationships get stabilized and we have a more realistic point of view. This influence can help us make small advances in business and our partnerships, because we bond easier. This energy helps us to take responsibility in our existing relationships and friendships. And our business sense can be very good at this time.



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