Full Moon in Capricorn 

“Full Moon in Capricorn”
The Moon is in grounding, consistent Capricorn for most of the day, and will turn into a “Full Moon” this evening around 5:58 PM Central, and 6:58 PM Eastern. Then immediately after being Full the Moon will drop into a “Void” phase through midnight and then shift into Aquarius! So with all that being said, what a time to “Set Intentions”, and make sure to read all my Full Moon blogs being posted here on my page today! If your settings intentions with the Full Moon the best time is before the Moon goes Void tonight, so before 6 PM Central! 
A Full Moon is a time of romance, emotions, climax and relationships. It is when the Moon is at it’s highest point in a monthly Lunar Cycle, and is physically at its brightest to us here on Earth. It’s also the most tense time for the Moon in the month, because it’s in direct opposition to the Sun, and that is not a fun energy! 
The Moon is in Capricorn and the Sun is in Cancer currently, so there’s a balance that must be made between the two signs. This is about our home life, private life, domestic situations, and the need to have a safe and secure home base to go to, while we focus on nurturing our personal life. This is our personal life Versus our public life, career, reputation and what we are held accountable for. In some ways this polarity is about how we choose to deal with balancing unconditional love and conditional love.


Cancer encourages us to think as home as the most important place in our lives, it’s our foundation and our roots. While Capricorn is all about considering our sense of duty and responsibility, especially around the public and professional areas of our lives. Cancer is about where we’ve come from, and Capricorn represents where we are going, and our goals. If we neglect either side of this energy it will throw the energies off balance and our lives as well. Ideally, you need to find a balance between these two energies, (no matter what your sign is) and that’s exactly what the Full Moon wants us to do! The Moon might bring in lessons around these two issues while Full, to help you better understand the importance of balancing your home life with your professional life. Basically, the Full Moon in Capricorns lesson to all of us is to learn how to balance the commitment we hold to our families and our careers, and that can be challenging. 


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