Upcoming Full Moon 

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Upcoming Full Moon 

There’s a Full Moon in Capricorn building up energy now to come together July 19th and it will square off with erratic Uranus! (heavy Sigh) So this energy is tense and highly charged, and you might already be feeling it! If you’re feeling nervous and restless, it’s the Moon. Do not be so quick to judge others or situations right now, and be careful not to become a drama queen, as it’s all to easy in this energy! 

This weekend is up and down emotionally speaking, as I wrote all about in my “Weekend Update” Blogs on Saturday. Right now many folks are starting a new project of some sort, and it’s a good time to plan and take action really. As the Sun is still in a nice connection to fiery Mars, so energy flows. 

Today you may end up getting a late start, because you might feel a bit lazy, which can make you run further behind. But by this afternoon, the energies will be moving at a much faster rate again, which can have you feeling like you can get things done. Our energy is very high!  

If you end up feeling anxious as the Full Moon comes together this week, understand that a Full Moons energy is felt usually 3 days prior and 3 days after it peaks. So certain issues or situations may not feel as important over this next week as they do today. Keep that in mind when dealing with difficult people or situations. 



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