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The Moon is in truth-seeking, spirited Sagittarius all day, and for most of the weekend! Today’s energy is a bit on the calmer side compared to how it’s been over this last week…and even though there’s still some lingering tensions that can irritate us, we should continue to be cautious, because we feel things are improving with the Sagittarius Moons influence, so we simply might let our guard down and think everything is alright….when in reality we’ve got a mixed bag of energy running around this weekend, and some of it remains extremely tense!

For starters the Sun in Sagittarius is making a tense square to Uranus in Aries. This can give us some serious energy, but can have folks feeling rebellious and willful! Any changes made now can be sudden, and some may act very differently then usual, lots of assertive behavior. Plans and schedules may be disrupted, without little if any warning. This abrupt energy can have us feeling unsettled, but it helps us to be brave enough to try different approaches and actually learn something. It’s important to stay aware of your surroundings and do your best to remain calm in whatever situation you’re in.

With the Sun and Mars connecting this afternoon, and then Mercury and Venus also meeting up in Leo, all of us can enjoy a boost of energy and vitality. We are quick to take the initiative and start new things. This energy helps us to be more active, physical, and assertive. The other side of this energy is we can feel much more charming, seductive, influential and pleasant. So we’re just more social and cooperative, and our sense of humor is strong! Any feelings we have are being thought out and rationalized. Our minds are strong but we’re not feeling disciplined, so we want to communicate now and chat away. It’s a time were we share our needs, tastes, and affections. This weekend is full of travel, especially with loved ones. Enjoy your weekend, because you deserve a nice break after such an intense couple of weeks.



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