Pushing the Limits

Friday 15th

“Pushing the Limits”

The Moon in Sagittarius helps us all to feel bold, spontaneous and think about our futures more so now. Sagittarius ruling planet Jupiter is in a challenging connection with loving Venus today, and this means we end up taking things too far! We may go to great lengths to get noticed today, but it’s a bad idea to make quick or hasty decisions now. Just like all this week we really need to pay attention and try and slow down. We can feel so bold that we choose to express our feelings and just go overboard with it, and make promises we just can’t keep.

There’s a strong tendency to overdo things under these influences. Buying on impulse can be costly and not worth it in the long run. It’s a good idea to keep a watchful eye on finances at this time, so you don’t overspend! It’s all to easy to exaggerate and overlook important details. Our feelings aren’t expressed right in this energy, we don’t come across the way we intended and we may even take things the wrong way. Lots of procrastination going on this week folks. But today can certainly be fun if we don’t overdo all the things I’ve mentioned. 

Later on today, Mercury the Messenger and lovely Venus come together and then align tomorrow! This combination of planets is excellent for socializing, communicating, and just getting informed. This also helps us when traveling, and can keep things quite pleasant. 

Our minds have been restless and tense. Mental tasks just seem more difficult today, our minds have been off over this last week and we just haven’t been thinking as clearly as usual. Everything related to Mercury like electronical devices, anything with a motor or plugs in, could be having issues at this time. 

Being in the energy build up of the next Full Moon tends to really put us under pressure, and will continue over this next week, but for some the Full Moon is an excitable kind of feeling. The intensity isn’t over just yet, but the restless energy we’ve been in over this last weeks is slowly leaving now. The next big astrological influence is the “Water Grand Trine” forming now,  which isn’t really challenging, it’s actually very harmonious, but can feel heavy on an emotional level. I will have more on that in my weekend update on Saturday. 



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