Moon in Sagittarius 

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“Moon in Sagittarius”

The Moon shifted over early this morning from soul-searching, mysterious Scorpio into more shiny, sunny, and optimistic Sagittarius! New experiences and adventures maybe extremely emotionally fulfilling now. This energy propels us forward, away from the deep emotional waters we’ve been in with the Moon in Scorpio through half the week. Allow your instincts and intuition to guide you…as our ideas are bigger and expectations higher. The details aren’t important because we look at the “whole” picture in this energy. Attitudes are spunky and spontaneous, and can lead to many folks taking chances and making changes.

It’s very easy to overdo just about anything, so pace yourself. We feel our power and personal strength more so during the Sagittarius Moon phase. We may feel like we can do just about anything, and underestimate others and their abilities. Remember we’re all feeling this potent energy together!