Astro News “Caution” 

Thursday 14th 

Mars and Uranus do connect in a more challenging energy early into the day, and whatever we want to get done just may not happen in such a way were we feel satisfied! So be flexible and maybe expect to change plans if necessary! 
The Sun and Mercury are also hanging out today, so there’s a strong place in us that wants to focus on taking time to feel things out, because we are more cautious mentally, and our minds are sort of leading the way right now. 
We can feel at odds with the world around us and other folks today! This can make us feel frustrated and a bit cranky. It’s really not a good time to have any social gatherings or get together with anyone, really we should avoid it of at all possible, at least throughout the end of today! We just can’t seem to “connect” with everyone else. It’s also a good time to think before speaking or taking any actions, which the other aspects will help you do today, so stay cautious. 
The Moon will sink into a “Void” cycle later this afternoon, until the Moon shifts gears and is ready to party again in fun, but wild Sagittarius early Friday morning. So get some rest today while you can, you’re going to be pretty busy this weekend and be ready to go again. 



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