Weekly Astro Update 

Wanna know what to expect the rest of the week, read my “Astro Weekly” update below, so you can plan out you week to flow with the energies more so, then go against them and hopefully be prepared for the week ahead. 

With the Moon in Scorpio connecting to dreamy Neptune later this afternoon, a window of opportunity opens up and this becomes a great time to meditate and Manifest! All of us should take some time later this afternoon and visualize the things we want to show up in our life. This is a very important time for Psychics, Healers, and Manifestors. Just remember this is a very short window of opportunity, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to harness this energy around 4pm CST, Wednesday. All you have to do is find a comfortable place to hang out, you can work on this even just for a few minutes or an hour, just take the time to meditate or pray and call upon your higher power your inner guide. 


Most importantly visualize what you wish for, then set you intentions by saying them out loud if you can, even if you are to whisper them! If you can find the time today, you may also design a visualization board of some kind today also! There is no wrong way to so this really, you can ask for anything you want…from a new job, to a new place to live to more clients for your business, it doesn’t matter! Everyone needs to really take advantage of this energy and make sure that as you make your wishes you ask for the World to have peace! 

Later today Mercury follows loving Venus and moves into fiery Leo, this will be a wild few weeks, lots of socializing and partying going on, along with many folks shopping and vacationing. A perfect touch to the last part of summertime. 

This Thursday follow the Moon in Scorpio as it forms very nice aspects to Pluto, and Jupiter, and then the Sun at the wee hours of the morning. This influence may bring out your inner Psychic! So reach out and connect with folks on a deep soul – level! Later on Thursday the Moon meets up with firey Mars and you can feel frustrated and get angry, so stay away from heated up crowds during this time, there’s lots of protests going on right now so stay safe everyone!! 

When you wake up Friday morning, you will probably notice all the heavy energy you’ve been feeling has lifted. When the Moon enters the wild ride that is Saggitarius. Then the Moon makes amazing connections to Mercury and Venus both in Leo. Open your mind to the great energy this day can bring, so do some kind of exploring, it’s also a good day for travel. 

Saturday is a very powerful and spiritual kind of day. The Sun in Cancer is forming a tense sure to rebellious Uranus, and issues around identity and ego may become powerfully challenged. The way we see ourselves and others can be completely transformed and different in this energy. Practicing any kind of work around relationships can be quite the eye opener for many folks! Saturday’s energy can bring with it unexpected shifts in our awareness and understanding of ourselves and our past and present relationships. 

Early Saturday evening, Mercury and Venus make a intersting connection and this makes for a good time to tell someone how you really feel about them, just open your heart and express yourself. Say what’s on your mind and don’t hold back unless of course the other person is already involved in a relationship. 

Later Saturday the Sun in Cancer meets up with Mars in Scorpio in a very harmonious meeting, these two signs are extremely compatible, so in this energy all couples no matter what your sign can have a fun and sexy romantic night! It’s going to be a lovely evening for conversations on whatever it is you feel passionate about.

Sunday is a lovely day for healing! The Universe is opening up and helping us to experience a very powerful healing kind of energy, with what’s called a “Water Grand Trine” between the Sun in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces, and Mars in Scorpio. These all are extremely compatible and are in some feel good energy together on Sunday. Think about what part of your life needs the maximum healing right now! And order a ‘One Question” Reading and I’ll research your chart and give you some answers about just how to heal this part of your life. Do some spiritual work and you can experience major shifts or Ah-Ha moments throughout Sunday. 



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