Venus in Leo 

Astro News Part 2


Loving Venus rules how we love one another, especially in our intimate relationships, and also rules most of our financial affairs. Venus has not left more security-minded Cancer and has moved into the Queen and King of the Zodiac Leo, through August 5th. We take great pride in our love life now! This makes love magnificent and so very important. We can be extremely generous with our money because we enjoy spoiling the ones we care for in this energy. This placement is warm-hearted, expressive, proud, teasing, and extravagant for Venus, so we may express all of these traits more so then usual. 

Venus in Leo and in love, becomes sort of a game to be played, it’s influence can have us playing a continual romance out, as it just keep our heads spinning in love. We can turn our focus into keeping our relationships in a constant romantic state, which is simply exhausting! We are looking for attention plain and simple, but also to be acknowledged, validated and adored even for the special gifts we possess and unique things we can do. 

Venus in Leo can have all of us signs in the zodiac feeling very proud, and takes pride and passion to a whole new level. We want to be adored, pampered, and admired. Our egos are very much involved in our love lives during this period. There’s a little bit of negative to this influence, and that is we can overstate our feelings just to see others reactions, our loud, grand Leo-like roar sort of turns us on almost in this energy. So remember we love the attention under both Venus and Mercury now in Leo! I will have more on Mercury (our mindset) shifting into Leo tomorrow. Until then make sure whoever you set your sites on to love that it’s the real deal and not just you wanting attention and the relationship that can go along with it! 



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