A Time For Healing/Astro News 

July 8th

“A Time for Healing!”

We’ve been dealing with some seriously challenging astrological oppositions over the last few days, however this mornings energies actually can help begin the healing process, and bring an abundance of opportunities. But you’ll have to pay attention to take advantage of them. Yesterday’s “Square” energy will continue on for a little while longer, but is losing it’s intensity…but unfortunately it’s already left a very bad taste in our mouths! Just stay cautious throughout the weekend. 

Venus and Chiron make a harmonious connection that can assist us in healing our emotional baggage. This energy can actually help open our hearts, as we feel like learning from each other, which helps us see the beauty in others and human weaknesses, so we don’t see the flaws so much in folks, or concern ourselves so much with fault or blame anymore…and this can help bring us together to work towards a common goal or shared vision. This is Cancer season after all. We are in this together. Like family, we need to heal together. 

Unfortunately, this healing energy will only last for a few days. I do wish we had this as a constant right now. The astrological influences coming together today make it a good time to work on building trust in relationships, and for seeing the good and potential in one another, which again we so desperately need! Look for inspiration in someone, let them guide you into seeing things differently, which can lead to making big changes. Make the most out of these beautiful transits over the next few days.  

Mercury and Jupiter also make a nice connection today, and this can bring in some serious positive energy, especially around the way we think! It’s easier to cooperate, and gain new insights. So come together with your community, neighbors, friends and family and demand peace. We seem to make better choices and decisions in this energy, as our judgement is way more sharp and our minds keen. These influences help us open our minds to learning and understanding, as we see things in a more philosophical way. 

This afternoon a minor tense connection between Venus and Saturn comes together, and this can cause us to worry, as this influence brings up our fears and insecurities, we may feel disliked by others. This also has to do with our values and integrity.


The best way to take advantage of this energy is to put your focus on yourself and your life, and keep things real. So get out there and discuss the problems we are all facing, so we can build some sort of common ground and help each other heal. Promote peace not violence or revenge. 




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