Astro Mid-Week Update 

There’s some lucky days ahead of us, on July 6th, 8th, and 9th. If you need to initiate something or do something important, these three dates are good to get things off the ground. With the New Moon behind us now, we can start to move forward as the light of the Moon slowly increases daily until the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th.

With shocking Uranus squaring the Full Moon, prepare for the unexpected. You might suddenly realize that you have to put some sort of boundaries up, when folks try to violate your personal space. Some people can become extremely pushy as they try to push their agendas, beliefs, and opinions off on you, this can really frazzle your nerves. 

Besides that heavy energy, on the 7th, Venus and Mercury are moving into Leo next week, followed by the Sun on July 22nd. With so many planets in Leo and fire signs, you can expect the energy out there to become very sociable. If you really want to enjoy yourself, there’s some seriously fun energy ahead to enjoy! This energy is much more upbeat and you may feel like. indulging yourself. The Cosmos wants you to play! Come on!! What do you have to lose! And yes you deserve it! 

This Wednesday, the Sun Conjuncts Mercury in Cancer. This is such a positive time to express your feelings. If you’ve been looking for the right time to tell someone how you feel about them or that you are attracted to them, this is the day to do it! It’s just a lovely energy to ask someone to marry you in! 

However, Thursday doesn’t have the same energy, it’s not as favorable with mental Mercury opposing Pluto and Venus and then Squaring Uranus. There may be confrontations and arguments, and power plays are likely. 

On Friday, we can smooth over any rough edges with folks when Mercury and Jupiter connect. This is a good day for communication, short trips and writing….so by the 9th you can quite nicely work on finishing any projects you need to get done. This energy can help us feel more accomplished, which is a nice way to mark you to-do lists done and get on with your weekend. 




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