“Feeling Good”

Astro News 

Friday July 1st

“Feeling Good”

There’s a lot of love in the air and good feelings today, as the Moon in Gemini and Venus connects to powerful Pluto, and then connects to lucky Jupiter! This energy is so the opposite of the last few days, this will be a nice change of pace. And I’ve got to say July’s Astrology looks pretty nice, as there’s some seriously nice aspects coming together. Now there’s some tense stuff too, but really things will be looking up in many ways. 

Today, if you want to liven things up with your lover or just have a little more fun, today’s energy is perfect for it! This is a great time for socializing and entertaining. Social situations are just more relaxed and we can be very free with our affections and our money!  This energy is good for cooperation, cheerfulness, and harmony as we are just more considerate of others, and our attitude is generally more positive, especially in intimate relationships. Get spiritual together, seriously! There’s love in the air and opportunities around romance is strong. Feel the love and broaden your horizons. 

The only thing that might change up the mood, is the Balsamic Moon energy occurring now, however this is good for healing and soothing yourself. Especially if you have old emotional wounds that need to heal, (and we all do) this is a great time to connect with someone who will make you feel happy! 

Astro Alert: the New Moon will occur on July 4th in the sign of Cancer, and the SUN is also in Cancer, what a magical time to Set Intentions or make Wish Lists with the energies that be! šŸ˜‰ 



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