Intense Emotions 

Astro News 

June 30th

“Intense Emotions”

This afternoon, the Moon and Mars make a tense connection, and this can cause some tension and impatience with others. You may feel like you’re not getting what you want, and try to control or manipulate folks through scaring them to do what you desire. 

Later this evening, Venus opposes Pluto and can bring out some pretty intense emotions. This energy can cause confrontations and attractions, as our fears can take over. Try to resist the urge to manipulate others, because Karma will come around if you do. With Mars being in its “station” cycle of Retrograde, we are already working through issues concerning our own personal power, so we are fighting for “Power” and can become afraid that we’re going to lose control, and abuse others with forceful words. 

If we go searching for answers we can make some rather interesting discoveries under these influences, and find some kind of useful information that can be used later on. But we can become to pushy and over bearing in the process. We might become paranoid… as our insecurities can rear their ugly heads. So pay attention to how your acting and check yourself.



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