Mars Direct 

June 29th 

“Mars Direct!”

Have you been feeling stuck in certain areas of your life over the last few months? Has it felt like you just can’t get the momentum you once could? This is because Mars has been Retrograde since April 17th, and our physical movement has been held back. Today Mars goes direct into what’s called a “station” cycle, which means it’s stopped for now to go the right way again! But with that being said, we’re all not going to feel our physical energy come right back or get certain things in our lives moving again right away. I know, heavy sigh! First we have to wait out Mars Shadow or ‘Station” period just like we do with the other planets when they are Retrograde. Except this cycle is a bit longer, as Mars “Station” period runs through August 22nd!

However, slowly but surely things will get moving once again and at least we’re on the right track again. So let’s talk about the next few months during Mars “Station” cycle. We will feel Mars energy much stronger over the next few months, so we might become easily agitated or worse angered. Mars is in Scorpio currently, so it can be just downright brutal and chaotic. Our physical energy might feel zapped or drained at times. And our deep fears around power, our own personal power are being toyed with by this energy. 

The good news is over the coming weeks we will feel like our enthusiasm for certain projects is back again, and we can at least plan on moving forward eventually! Baby Steps! Any projects that have been stalled will get moving and we also will feel our confidence start to return, which makes us feel more assertive. Be open minded as new and more clear information will show up and change the game around recent decisions or projects we started before Mars went Retrograde! Just take things slow for awhile and don’t rush, keep an open mind and heart and soon enough will finally start to feel like ourselves again. 



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