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Tuesday, June 28th
“Lack of Direction”

If you’ve been reading my blog posts lately, then you know how we have been discussing the Moon in Aries going on right now. With the Moon in Aries, all the signs of the zodiac will feel much more energy, and boy have we needed it! But it can be too much of a good thing, as we can also become easily agitated and frustrated. Finally as Mars gets moving in the right direction again this week, we can feel like we’re on the right track…and that we’re actually moving forward in life again, but be patient…it may take a little while longer to really get where we’ve envisioned in our minds.

Aries ruler Mars is also moving into a close connection to the Sun and is getting ready to stop or “station” from its current Retrograde phase. This increases our energy levels and stamina, we are raring to go…but this energy can be confusing and we’re not sure just what direction to head into. It’s a good idea to channel the excess energy wisely, and instead of wasting our time fussing, fighting, or arguing, we can get a lot of things accomplished. However, our focus can be skewed or disrupted right now, as there is a certain energy causing us to feel a lack of direction! It’s best to focus on what we have to get done and not go to far off course. It’s a good time to pay attention to what’s more intellectually stimulating, or try some problem solving, as these things can prove to be quite successful now.

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